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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Nathan, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. Nathan

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    has anyone used welcome wagon or a similar company. If unfamiliar, they provide local business info to new homebuyers in specific areas.
    We have seen a big trend in the fact that many new customers search for our services when moving into a new area.

    My other question is if anyone knows how to get info about all home purchase closings in specific areas of a community, specifically addresses.
  2. brentsawyer

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    Reecntly transferred homes are listed in the Sunday paper in the homeseller section. It is real nice in that they list name, price and address. Couldn't get any better.
  3. The cleck & recorder in the county you want to work in will have this info-probably a cost involved.
    Also do you have a local business journal-ours prints this info, new business starts, bankruptcies, lots of other good info for price of subscription.

  4. heygrassman

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    Welcome Wagon is very slow to get to the home - 30-45 days in most cases (unless something has changed in the last year to year and a half). For landscape that is not a bad deal becasue they only mail single family homes. For maintenance, I think you would find they have selected someone already by the time they are "in-home". I think Jumphome.com was a little cheaper, but I think that you had to pay for apt moves as well as single family homes.

    Most smaller cities have a "welcome kit". You may want to see if you can get a flyer in there.

    County deed recorders are getting less reliable to use because of all the refinances. That in itself is also not necesarily too bad for landscaping because most that re-fi now typically have a little more cash to spend.
  5. wayne volz

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    I have tried the welcome wagon mkting and it was not successful for us. May however work for you. WE dicovered that many people moving within the same area were taking the lawn service with them.

    To answer your other question concerning a list by specific zips, income or home value, that list is affordable and available. We buy a list each month and it always pays off. I have the number at work and will give it to you if you would like to call our office Monday morning. 502-499-7841 If we can help or if you are interested. Ask for Wayne, Jake or Corky

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