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Welcome yo the jungle!

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desperate time requiring desperate measures...

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shoulda seen the varmits runnin for thier lives...rabbits, mice, a snake:rolleyes:

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Nice cleanup job! :)
Looks good.We just did a convent that looked the same way, it was about 6 acres.Lots of young rabbits scooting about but it looks great now and will be a bi-weekly acount.(The guy that was doing it has medical problems and can no longer do it)
wow, nice save
Originally posted by LAWNGODFATHER
That is Impressive, Go Exmark...........
I second that...nice work
Looks great! Just curious, how many times did you have to empty that bagger?
What I would like to know is

What was the over all size? height? (the one picture looked like the camera was near the ground) and the time it took to get to the finished picture?
It started out at about 2 1/2 ft . 3 ft in places..Had to cut it 4 times...The bagger was never hooked up, just mulched it.. 1rst at 4.5 twice, then 3.5 twice.

Believe it or not, I was cutting down bushes. Guess I will have to put an edge on them blades now!

I couldnt understand why it left 3 tall stripes of uncut grass after the fist pass... I think the belts might need tightened up... :D
This will give ya a better idea...

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So that finished picture is the end result of 2.5 - 3" of brush mulced down a couple time?

Impressive to say the least :)
No..... its the end product of 2 1/2 - 3 feet mulched up 4 times....:D
LGF....What an Exmark ad huh? ;) :D
Thanks for the compliments guys!!! This was a one time deal so he could get a handle on it again. The front wasnt so bad. we never touched it (we=my son an I).

That one time deal turned into a full time client...;) :D
You mean mulch as in mulch with a mulching kit with baffles, or mulching while discharging with mulching blades or doubles? Either way it is impressive, I saw the bagger on the mower and assumed you bagged on the last pass. Nice :)
LOL my bad......................

<< rips out the " inserts ' >>

Ok all fixed now :D
I didnt have the impeller on, and the tube is just bungied to the deck lever. Just a stock lazer deck with stock blades. Stock blades are just fine around here in the summer. I put gators on in the spring an fall..I didnt have the heart to tell him how much I would charge to bag it...Plus he really wasn't expecting the end result.

Mow over the grass enough times it will turn it to dust. Plus I just love the last 2 cuts... full throttle, hair blowin in the wind, dust flyin all over the place, bugs hittin yer teeth, cig hangin out of the mouth,while tryin ta reach for the beam an coke sittin in the cup holder. One hand on the levers the other tryin ta get the grass out of the cup before I can drink it...
:D :D
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