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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by fivestarlawnken, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. fivestarlawnken

    fivestarlawnken LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 438

    Welcome to lawnsite LESCO!!!!!!! I guess I would welcome you here since I use your mowers and products...One question for you any chance of getting a store in the Canton Ohio area. There is a large landscape field around here with a very limited store source like Lesco..Just food for thought!!!!! :waving:
  2. Bob West LESCO

    Bob West LESCO Sponsor
    Messages: 176

    I appreciate your input, and I've passed it along to our real estate department. We opened 21 new stores in 2003 and 27 in 2004, and we plan on opening another 25-30 in 2005. This is a pretty extensive process w/ a lot of analysis -- we want to make sure we pick the locations where we can serve the most customers as well as possible. I know that we're currently evaluating more than 100 locations as possible new store sites, but I'm not sure how many cities that entails.

    Once new stores are ready to open, we'll be sure you all know about them.


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