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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rockytopp, Dec 12, 2007.

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    Hey Gang,
    Long time hey to all. Just a short question, I have a chance to purchase a
    Lincoln welder. it is older and used weldpower 8000 and not working as it should. It has a Kohler 16 HP. motor runs great, however it does not weld proper. it has no amps or just a small bit coming through the leads. I am not sure how old it is,
    but it has 100 foot leads, just needs a new battery and repaired, My main concern is,,,, is it worth fixing? the unit looks good not beat up or bent, just won't weld, I don't know if generator side is working or not, it does not appear that any thing has got hot or shorted. I can buy this for just a couple or three hundred most. any on have an idea as to what usually goes out on this type of unit to cause the no weld problem?? thanks to all. Paul :cool2:
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    Is it a two cylinder with two stacks off the top? If so my pop had one for years and i burnt alot of rod on that sucker. Might be worth a call to a welding shop that repairs units and chat with them about the problem.
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    It has only one muffler,course it connects to both head with small pipes, but only one exit.
    the engine sits at one end of the skid its mounted on. I don't think it is over ten years old but that is just a guess, as there is no paper work. thanks.

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