well had my first screw up as an applicator

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vaacutabove, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. vaacutabove

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    Well i did a biger total kill of a few gravel lots. Had to make do with what i had a 10gal tank. Put it on the mower and just sprayed over the side. Long story short had to fill drove across the grass to the truck. Left wheel marks the whole way. Thank god the owner just got a laugh out of it. He could care less didnt bill for the job big lesson learned.
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  2. scotts lawn care

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    Well lesson learned I guess. We all make mistakes - were only human...........nice to hear that your customer understood and laughed with you on it.
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  3. greendoctor

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    I once left diquat+Fusilade foot prints across a lawn. Had to kill the turf grass that crept into the existing beds. Customer did not laugh with me. He is no longer my customer due to violations of my terms of service. The fact that he was a @#$% about an honest mistake was a sign of things to come.
  4. RAlmaroad

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    Yea, don't spray Image around mailboxes when centipede is dormant in early spring. Three pieces of sod is cheap compared to a lifetime of "Lessons Learned" Luckily my own mailbox.
  5. vaacutabove

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    I guess if i had to mess something up this is not to bad he could care less about the yard just didnt want to lose all his gravel.
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  6. cgaengineer

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    Chalk it up as experience...I've had some near misses.
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