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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Runner, May 17, 2005.

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    Well, I finally went and made the plunge, and purchased my own Permagreen. I got the Ultra SE and I am totally satisfied with it so far. I have been using Permageens for a few years now, so I knew what I was after. Lesco has a few left over that are now selling for 4k, as opposed to the 5k price tag that was on them a year ago. I will be making a few changes to it, and keeping some 30 amp fuses handy. I think I pretty much have it calibrated and dialed in, and the nozzles all set. I'll just be ready to take it out on it's maiden voyage. I've been using my friends Permagreens in the past (he always has one extra), and I am very thankful that he let me use them. I love the idea of no more pulling hoses, as well. I will still be permanently installing my 200 gal. sprayer, when I can get it configured to fit sideways in my pickup truck. I made a material list today to fabricate a carrier for it. We have built a few of these in the past, and they are much nicer than those that are purchased through PG. It used to cost around 70 bucks to build one, but now it is up around 300. I should have it done in about a week. I will post some pics.
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    Congrats on your newest addition Joe :)

    Its always good when you can treat yourself with new equipment :cool2:

    Our ex contractor *well he is not really an ex because we are still doing jobs for him just not as much anymore* has a three year old permagreen that he wants to sell for $1500. He used the machine the first year he had it and the second year an employee broke the gear shifter so it won't shift. It's been set up every since. My husband is very mechanically inclined *thank goodness* but I don't know if we should mess with it or not????

    Any helpful advice??? Pros/Cons??? *Should I do a search :D *

    Hope everyone is staying busy ....:waving:
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    Depending on which one it is. If it's one with the Spyker hopper, I would pass. These thing ALWAYS streak.With the one hole design, you just don't get an even throw. They finally learned what golf courses knew for the last 20 years and went to a 3 hole design (Lesco hopper). 3 holes can be better regulated. 1500 might not be a bad deal, though...especially if it hasn't been used. If you get on Permagreens' site (link up top), you can register and have access to a list of pre-owned machines. The only thing is, many of these machines are selling for close to what they were new. There some like mine that are on there with hundreds of hours, that are more than what I paid. I really can't see these things being like tractors and holding their value like that. As far as the gear shifter thing, it would probably be an easy fix. Is it the lever itself that's broke, or is it in the box?
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    Thanks for your advice Joe :)

    We are more than likely going to take him up on the offer. Donald says it is a Lesco hopper and the only thing that is broke on the gear shift is a bolt and is easily fixed.

    $1500 seems fair when they are going for $4000 new.
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    Congrats Runner

    I know there's been more than one post on here talking about how the PG's aren't the greatest, but I've had only one problem, with the starter fuse, keeps wanting to short out.

    I've just gotten accustomed to not using the starter. No big deal, the thing starts on one pull each time anyways, as long as I don't leave it in gear. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, I know it's SOO much nicer than pulling that 200' hose around, all that extra water.

    I went from pulling 1000 gallons of water / day to 60.

    That alone, saving the wear and tear on the truck, let alone the thoughts I don't have to constantly walk through the spray anymore, couldn't be happier.
  6. Runner

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    Thank you, you guys, for the praises.
    Tara, let us know how that works out for you guys.

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