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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. tmf lawn care

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    here post 91# with no pics of the truck gr :hammerhead:
  2. Shrekish

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    No pics of new truck? Bank probably would not finance 100 dollar camera
  3. alco

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    Post number 93 and no picture. But in all fairness, he says he doesn't have a camera. I guess he can't afford one after buying an identical truck to the one he needed to replace because it wouldn't do the job. Oh well.
  4. alco

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    $100 dollar camera? C'mon, it's BC......a new camera probably costs 4, maybe 5 thousand.....lol.
  5. ksss

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    May I add? It wouldn't do the jobs that he did not have. The current truck can haul what 2500 more pounds of nothing compared to the old truck, however the old truck had plenty of capacity for nothing cause even a FORD can haul nothing pretty easy as long as you don't put anything more than nothing in it. But just sitting at mom and dads doing nothing will be an easy day for it.

    I am sure Ma put GR on a bread and water diet after he came home with a new used pickup. Probably should have gotten a Crew Cab. Sink a mail box next to ma and pa's and call it home.

    Defys logic.............at least mine.
  6. Junior M

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    I agree, the man cant get out of mommy and daddys basement, but he can buy another truck? :confused:

    what was wrong with the 03 other than the stick? It was paid for, I wouldnt have got rid of it!
  7. Shrekish

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    Yes I'm sorry I forgot you could not possibly take picture of the steepest terrain with the hardest rock known to man and the most beautiful place on earth full of nothing but millionaires with a point and click camera !!!
  8. Blue Goose

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    Gawd, this is a rough crowd....[​IMG]

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