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    The only way I see any potential making money delivering small amounts of black dirt is if it is your black dirt.
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    Where I deliver too a tandem axle can't go it is why there is some demand for the small dump truck. Right now people use their pickup trucks to haul topsoil home they may make 2-3 trips to haul enough home. Your just beating the crap out of a 3/4 ton with the back bumper dragging on the ground. The suppliers don't like loading pickup trucks so they make you shovel. One of the suppliers loads with a clean up bucket on a 200 excavator.

    Pretty hard to back a tandem into these places it next to impossible. You have a driveway that is 1/2 to a mile or longer into a place and no where to turn around you have to back a tandem in. A truck like mine I have no troubles it may take a 100 point turn to get turned around but I can do it.

    I have done it delivering to places 4 miles off the road each way there is no way a tandem is going to make it. Once you leave the paved road your commited no chance of turning around till you get to the house.

    There is some places I hate going into you need to charge extra surcharges to go into these places. You have to take the homeowners word that you can turn around when you get to their house.

    Homeowners have no choice if they want material delivered they have to pay for a smaller truck to do the job.

    Delivering topsoil is just one job I do make money with the junk removal the labour time adds up when it takes 3-4 hours to get one load onto the truck. Some peoples places takes 3 loads to haul away all the junk that comes out of a house. Make 500-600 dollar profit from a clean up job. Estate sale clean ups usually are profitable because people are forced to clean up the property.

    Could be 3 tons worth of old canned food or old appliances etc it is amazing what people hoard in their basements.

    Trying to get my labour rate up working for 20 dollars per hour is too cheap. Running the truck at 60 per hour is the lowest I can go with diesel fuel at 3.92 a gallon.

    Landscapers are charging any where from 30 to 50 per hour depending on what they are doing no skid steers or mini excavators involved.

    Have to see if the landscapers in this area can work in my services. I can haul away alot more than what a pickup truck can.

    So far I'am pleased with the truck the increased turning radius is already noticed. The torqshift is a nice transmission I think I will make 14 mpg with this truck just the way the gearing is.

    Have to get the drive tires changed they shake like a b*tch I put 1000lbs over the axle to see if it makes a difference not a chance.
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    That 4500 probably has been sitting on a dealers lot for a long time it has two strikes against it for most people. For one it has the 8.1 gas a little piggy but reliable and the second is the truck is a 2wd. Neither of those would bother me. The only thing you have to check for is the truck have the heavier spec's.

    I think GM offered a lighter axle option for the 4500 and with it being gas it may not have the S110 Dana.

    As for running a regular 1 ton nowwadays no way get the 4500 or 5500 size truck a 1 ton truck is grossly under braked your always pushing the limits.
    Theres no business like the Excavation business playing in the dirt with big toys.

    this quote is from 12/29/09
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    If it wasn't a 98.5 model year it would be worth something but being at that model year there was lots of engine problems with that year. Anybody that buys that truck better be a up to replacing injectors etc. Truck has a smaller turbo aswell. Another strike against it the truck has the lighter rear axle. The modified Dana 80 has a max axle rating of 11,000lbs the Dana S110 has a max axle rating of 14,000lbs. Any F-450 2003 and newer has the S110 which is a good axle it can handle more weight.

    Have to get the truck decks swapped it shouldn't take long frames are the same the bolt holes should be the same.
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    You have officially shown your ignorance towards light duty pickups. You have no clue other than what you have read online or what your neighbors mechanics dog has told you. 6.0 were crap till you bought TWO, autos were crap till you bought one, 450-550 brakes were undersized crap until you actually researched it and you continue. The early turbo is popular because of its faster spool unless you are really needing big air (high HP). My 98.5 has 265,000 kms on original injectors. Your 03 has ten times the bugs as the original super duty did, by your reasoning I will offer you $3000 cash for your 03 450.
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    Amen! The 99 7.3's are great and, dare I say, a better motor overall compared to ANY 6.0. I've never heard ANYONE complain about the injectors in any 7.3 but I feel that those injectors can take a beating. My dad has a '99 F350 that he put half a tank of 87 octane in, realized what he did, filled the other half with diesel then drove home. Was that dumb? Absolutely, I would've drained the tank had it been me. However, that was 30K miles ago, truck has 200K on it and still runs very well considering the hell that running gasoline through a diesel does to the injectors and my dad's mediocre engine maintenance schedule. Simply put, the 7.3 Powerstrokes take a beating and keep going. We have a '95 Powerstroke at work with 300K hard miles on it, still going. I'll take ANY year 7.3 Powerstroke, maybe even an IDI, over a 6.0.
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    Whew! I thought it was just me getting lucky with my 7.3 PS. Actually I've had three 7.3 powerstrokes now and haven't had a motor issue with any of them. The 6.0's on the other hand have been been trouble for two close friends that have/had them. The first my, my neighbors was 2003.5 and Ford made him bring in his truck where they de-rated the motor because the injector kept blowing o-rings. Never towed the same after that. My other friend with a 2005 had a gremlin that caused him to replaced all his injectors. And then then the computer still kept throwing injector codes. I lost track of all the things that he replaced trying to sort his truck out. The 6.4, that I would only get new and jettison before the warranty ran out.
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    Well, I just bought another pickup, and I was going to buy a Ford. But every single person I talked to had nothing good to say about the 6 litre or the 6.4. I can't afford to spend that much money and then pay for a bunch of repairs. I noticed that there a LOT of big Fords sitting on the lots right now. They need to build a nice little straight 6 and sort themselves out. So I have a Dodge instead.

    On the rate issue, a 1 ton in our area should be getting at least 90 dollars an hour. I'm less than an hour from GR, and I sure don't work that cheap. Heres a tip GR. Figure out your cost per mile to run the truck, and you should know exactly because you have been doing it for a while. If you do your own repairs, then add that in at a reasonable rate. Why work for free? Then add a good wage for yourself or a driver. I would suggest 20 t0 22 dollars an hour plus payroll deductions.( I figure about 20 per cent). Then add a healthy profit. Then factor in depreciation, because you will have to replace your truck in a few years, and why go through all the stress of not being able to afford one again? Don't forget to add 20 to 50 percent onto the amount you pay for the material you haul. If you ever pick up a shovel, then charge a good rate for your work. If you have to wait while the owner moves a lift of lumber or his travel trailer out of your way, then charge him a good rate. If he wants you to dump half at his place and half at his buddies 2 blocks away, charge for a second delivery. If you think you might get stuck, then warn him of the possibility and that he will be charged the time and expense involved if you do. He might find an easier place for you to dump. If he doesn't like all the above and tells you to stuff it, hen charge him for the back haul, and give him a bill and make sure he pays it. The law is on your side. Do all of the above with a smile on your face, in a very professional manner and you will make money. If you loose some your customers, then they only used you because of your price and they were not worth keeping. Don't forget that people in high end homes are used to paying good money for a good product and will understand when you tell them the rate is going up and why. If they say that so and so can do it cheaper, then tell them with confidance that you can't do it that cheap and have a good explaination ready. I have got to the point where if certain competitors are bidding a job, I will tell the customer before I start that I will be more money. And then I often get the job anyway. My best snag was a builder who had been quoted $5000.00 for a system,and I quoted $33,000. Yep, $28,000 more. Guess who got the work. You might be in a cut throat sector, but you chose it, so just make it work for you. Look at those GotJunk? franchises. They do the same thing as you and those guys make millions.
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    I got the deck off my 06 wasn't too bad but I have a buggered up leg. I slipped last week and twisted the crap out of my knee and landed on my hip. It is making it a little hard to move around :cry:

    Anyhow I will get the deck off my other truck and put it on the 06 everything should bolt on same bolt holes.

    Talking to a landscaper friend he says he is busy so that is good. Another good thing is his dump truck is dying so he may have some extra work.

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