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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 22, 2010.

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    I'am okay with the 6.0 if something breaks just have to fix it. I had decent luck with my 2003 if it wasn't for the 6spd and the engine computer not allowing throttle at idle the truck would do fine.

    As for my hourly rates I'am competitive with the others lots of people out there working for cheaper. One thing about it when it comes to disposal work I'am fully legal and do everything legally. I don't dump garbage off on some side road.

    Have to see what it will be like this year I'am hoping people will start spending money again.

    In the years previous I used to do quite abit of concrete work not sure if I want to do that. Doing garden shed slabs or sidewalk repairs etc.

    In the years previous I used to get alot of work for a renovation contractor he has since retired. Hauled away quite a few tons of debris from his jobs.

    Everybody is still complaining about lack of work I know the builders are really crying right now.
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    GR or should I call you Mike? Did you even read what the hell bearmtnmartin took the time to type? No you didn't, you just continue to piss and moan and steer around the subject. Where in his post did he mention ANYTHING about dumping crap on the side of the road? People are TRYING, keyword TRYING to help you, but it's obvious you're too stupid to understand or listen. There is tons of info on this site, the info is geared toward contractors and those who are starting a business, be it landscaping, construction, pressure washing, hardscaping etc... What, if anything are you doing here, specifically in this forum?

    Don't ever quit your day job, working on Ferry's or working for the Government or whatever the hell you do aside from annoying people. Keep living in Mommy & Daddy's basement, because you could never make it being a real contractor and no, hauling 3 yards of dirt in your tonka toy of a truck doesn't make you a contractor.
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    It's funny because it true.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    I definatly can't make money mowing grass like you do. Around here you would go broke mowing lawns people are only willing to pay 10 dollars per hour for lawn mowing. I did mowing as part of my services but after fighting with people to get paid I said screw this I'am not even covering the costs. You try collecting money from people when they say we don't like the job and there is nothing wrong with the job I did. Then they complain it took too long to mow the grass but to do a good job it takes 1 hour. They go into the house and lock the door and wait for you to leave without pay. You go back later to get your money they don't open the door. So you end up eating the loss and never work for the person again. They pull the same stunt on somebody else and keep doing it till they run out of people to hire.

    Any landscaping work is a tough business to be in people not paying their bills or b*tching about how expensive you are. People don't think you should make a profit. When I got out of highschool I started in the landscaping work. In the 15 years since I started in the landscaping work I'am the only original person left. Other people tried and went broke had to find another job. Every year somebody would try get into it find there is absolutely no profit they are gone.

    I worked for one of the homeowners for years I hand felled the trees on his building site I did demolition for him. Did alot of concrete work aswell. Also hauled alot of garbage for him. Only one stipulation if I wanted the work he decided what the wage was going to be. Alot of the time he didn't agree with the hours I put in and wouldn't pay me.

    Almost all the senior citizens I did landscaping for they couldn't afford to pay anymore than 30-40 dollars a day. So it was about 10 dollars per hour if I put in 4 hours.

    I worked for far less per hour than other landscapers it is why they went broke I never made much of a profit but it kept me going.

    One of the guys I went to school with is trying to tough it out in the landscaping but he is struggling to get 18 dollars per hour and that is with tools. He does good work but homeowners refuse to pay anymore money. He lives on his dads property in a old house so he doesn't have to pay the 1200-1400 month rent we have around here.

    As for myself have to wait and see what happens. The way it is looking it doesn't look like the bad times are over yet. The building contractors don't have anything lined up yet. The excavation contractors are not paying their bills because they have no money coming in.
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    I didn't get much as I like to on my truck I had to pick up 1000 dollars worth of scrap metal for my brother this morning.

    The weather is supposed to be good I might beable to get my dump deck on the 06 tomorrow :)
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    So if there's no work, why did you buy an identical truck to what you had, screw yourself into more debt without expanding capabilities, all on top of trying to ride a piss poor business model 'til she's broke? I'm sorry man, I don't see your venture going a whole lot further until you decide you have a pair and are willing to fight to make it.
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    You guys just don't understand. If he was a success, made money, bought his own house, and had a girlie move in he wouldn't have anything to come on here and complain about. Here's an idea GR, pretend for a month you don't know ANYTHING and you DON'T have all of the answers (or excuses). When you talk to some of these VERY wealthy people that you speak of, ask what they do for a living (just listen, you don't have to tell them how sad and pathetic your situation is). Apparently SOME people in your God-forsaken area are making it. We know you'll never move because you like to brag about the steep grades, etc. at least doing this you can gain some insight into what WORKS in your area.
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    Like I said this is a part time venture nobody can make a living at landscaping full time. I can make it go part time because I'am not making a full living off of it.

    A landscaper can't hire anybody to work for them because you need to pay your employee minimum 20 dollars per hour. It is one of the biggest problems with another friend who is in the landscaping business he gets work because he has a degree in horticuture and he does landscape design. He can't keep any employees because he can only pay 15 dollars per hour max well you can't live in this area on 15 dollars per hour. He can't pay more than 15 dollars per hour because he can't charge the customer anymore per hour.

    If he has a employee mowing and doing lawn work he charges 30 dollars per hour. Well if he is paying the employee 15 he is making 15 dollars per hour profit it is less because the wear and tear on the lawnmower.

    I'am a one man band I can't afford to hire help I can't charge out enough to cover paying a employee 20 dollars per hour.

    So if I can make enough deliveries per month to pay for the truck payment and money in my pocket I'am good to go. Nobody else can do it because you can't make enough profit to pay for the truck and make enough profit to live on.

    The reason why I'am doing this is so I can have other things to do to make my regular day job more bearable. After work go deliver couple loads of topsoil get to take my mind off of things and make a extra 120 dollars.

    On a day off I can go do some junk removal or do a small landscape job make some extra cash.

    The little jobs add up and the money made is put away in the bank.

    Like I said I can put other people out of business because I can do a job slightly cheaper because I don't need to make a big profit. It isn't something I will do thou because we need to keep the labour rates up.
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    The wealthy people are the ones that bought houses in Vancouver B.C. back in the 70s for 60,000 dollars and sold them in todays market at 2 million dollars.

    The money floating around is from realestate these people are making 1 million or more profit when they sell their house so they have money to burn. Money is no object so they buy a piece of property with cash money no loads or mortgages. They build their house with cash money.

    For a example my aunts house in a nicer part of Vancouver is in the 1.5 million dollar range. They bought the house for 100,000 back in the early 80s.

    Working class people in the area are being pushed out if your in the 40 grand a year income bracket tough luck.

    To live in Vancouver you have to make atleast 100 grand a year and you never own a house. The realestate prices in Vancouver are close to California prices because you are getting less of a house for the price.

    You move into northern B.C. you can buy cheap property because there is no work left now that the forestry is dead.

    The reason why the realestate prices are high is because it is a desirable places to live.

    It is at the point now that the rich retirees that made big on their realestate sale buy a house in the area for 1 million dollars the property taxes go sky high. Now the property tax is so high in the area any of the older retired people that live on a fixed income they can't afford the property taxes in the area.

    When your going from working class communities where every dollar earned was well earned to the filthy rich people taking over well its not going over so well. Eventually I will have to move along with the other working class people it will become too expensive to live around here.

    A young familly doesn't stand a chance to live around here anymore. It used to be generations of famillies not anymore. The baby boomer's children isn't possible to live in the community they were raised in.

    It is why schools are scheduled to close because the drop in enrollment is happening. Famillies with school age children are un-able to raise their familly in a area where wages are low and cost of living is extremely high.

    Not good for school teachers they loose their jobs and have to move away from the area.
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    holy crap. my head hurts.

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