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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Bustedblade

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    I drove one of the 6.7 test rats last Thursday...wow!!! That thing will pull a train!
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    Who says my Takeuchi is profitable, it only worked 16 hours since I picked it up in December 2009. Tax write off's aren't supposed to be profitable. :laugh:

    My 2005 F450 6 point-oh-no has been extremely good, no issues, and I run the sh*t out of it, just take care of it, warm it up, go easy on the throttle when it's still cool, pull hard once in a while to burn the soot out of it and let it cool down before shutting it off.

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    great thread looking forward to GR's future bitching about 2 wheel peel and about not having work and the shitty 6.0

    some never learn
  4. Bustedblade

    Bustedblade LawnSite Member
    from Ny
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    I drove one of the 6.7 test rats last Thursday...wow!!! That thing will pull a train!
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  5. bobcat_ron

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    Pull the emissions crap off and put a 6" pipe on it, and it will smoke like one too! :laugh:
  6. Gravel Rat

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    I prefer the 6.0 I have had a 7.3 for one it is friggin noisy I'am tired of listening to a loud engine. Second I leave for work at 5am for work I need to let the truck warm up. I drove the neighbours nuts when I had the 7.3 I was asked not to start my truck at 5am.

    If I have problems with the 6.0 I will fix them the truck still has warranty for another year. Why would I want to buy a worn out truck with a 7.3 your constantly fixing problems with the truck.

    It is night and day difference with the auto behind the 6.0.

    The 06 has 4:88 gears its not so bad but it is a open diff so I will have to buy a Truetrac for it. It has to come from Ford :cry: but it makes a difference in traction. The S110 Axle is easy to work on take the third member out put it on the bench take out the open carrier swap the ring gear onto the True trac and put it back into the third member.

    I have to get my truck decks swapped first and get the 03 up forsale.

    Lets hope that these people that have been building their 2 million dollar houses need landscape supplies this spring. Many of new places built that are not under a million dollars. You know when people have money when they build a summer house for a couple million and use it for 2 months out of the year :laugh:

    As for myself buying a house in the area not a chance this is the play ground for the rich now. A person my age doesn't have a chance anymore there isn't even places to rent anymore everything is privately owned. No such thing as apartment buildings. There are timeshare condos that you buy for 1 million dollars and get access to for 3 weeks a year.

    My brother is taking a 100,000 dollar loss on his house the employeer he works for doesn't have any work so my brother has to sell his house before the bank takes it.

    Many of the young guys in the forestry industry are going to loose what they own. Any of the younger guys in the construction and excavation industries spend 60% of what they make to live in the area. If your a landscaper you need to make atleast 23 dollars per hour to live here.

    As the area fills up with the rich retired people they are driving the working class people out. The property values are so high if your not making a 100 grand a year better find a good tent to live in. There are schools shutting down because young people can't live in this area anymore and raise a familly.

    The local gov'ts goal is to have the whole population in the area to be 55 and older. They have the money to pay the big taxes and build 2 million dollar houses. The retired people don't want no noise or industry so the local gov'ts doesn't approve business licenses for businesses that will create noise.

    These people are b*tching about the neighbour building a house these people figure once their house is built nobody can make noise. The NIMBYS are always complaining.

    No body knows what is going to happen after February the provincial gov't has spent close to a Trillion dollars on this Winter Olympics. There is lots of sh*t that the public doesn't know about. Contractors that are working on Olympic stuff have to sign a waiver that says they can't say anything about costs. There is millions of dollars being spent that hasn't been said in the media.

    The only way you can make money now is grow pot and keep trying to export it to the USA. If you can get away with it your easy making 150,000 or more a year. One small crop can make you 50 grand. The drug trade in this province makes enough money it could buy a small chunk of the USA the money from the drug trade is in the trillions. If the Americans still have the huge demand for pot there will always be money.
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  7. Swampy

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    You GR the excavation business isn't completly dead, you could always dig graves. Actually serious the dead body business is never slow.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    I'am putting a winch on this truck when I get time. A winch will pull me out of the areas that are tougher.

    You know when a construction site is bad when your using a Volvo Articulated 6x6 to get material down into the site.

    The concrete redimix trucks are tridrive they have 3 drive axles with all three axles locked and the truck grossing 73,000lbs they need to be pulled with a excavator. Many places to be safe you hook a cable to the front tow hooks on a tandem axle gravel truck and lower the truck down the road. You don't dare lift the box just let the tailgate dogs go and let the gravel slide out.

    Your fuel tanks have to be full or you can stall from starving the engine of fuel.

    One of the contractors took his wheel skid down a place it litterally slid down like a sled moved all the material around the house then had to have a tow truck to pull the machine back up the hill.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    People are cremated now a grave spot in this area is 30 grand that is on the low range. Not many people are buried in a casket anymore.
  10. curtisfarmer

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    My neighbors (brother so I don't care:laugh::laugh::laugh:), complain my 6.4 howls when it is warming at an idle. Never had 7.3, but 6.4 is load when warming in winter.

    BTW, I had ARP in my 450 6.4 dump, talk about BUMPY on frost heave roads! He says his truck is no weher near as bumpy. My wife is pregnant and won't ride with my empty, says it causes contractions!!! I need about 2tons in the back to make it smooth and bearable.

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