Well I'am going to stick with the landscaping and disposal business

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    After looking around trying to get a idea if it would be a good idea for me to buy a tandem axle dump truck things are pretty well dead. This time last year the contractors were busy as can be this year its blaw so far. The contractors trucks are barely turning a wheel even their excavators are sitting quite abit.

    If you can pound nails your busy I don't like pounding nails I never been a good carpenter I don't like getting up on ladders etc.

    So I think I will prolly look for a newer F-450 4x4 and put the dumping flatdeck I started building on it. Ya I will have to spend some bucks on a F-450 but atleast it will be my work truck and daily driver. My current 95 F-450 has a coolant leak I can't find. If its a rad then I will be sinking another 650 dollars into the truck for a new rad.

    Theres always construction debris to haul and landscape materials to deliver and I may find a job running hoe if the work picks up.

    One of the contractors the other day told me your better off working for somebody driving truck. I have been searching the truck section of Canada trader.com and there is quite a few guys selling out couple year old trucks to get out of the dump truck business.

    I don't know how much hauling tandem axle trucks will be getting this summer diesel fuel right now is at 3.73 US funds for a gallon of fuel we may see 4 dollars a gallon during the peak summer season.

    So the search is on to find a F-450 diesel 4x4 its going to be hard everybody wants a diesel now the price of regular gas is 3.82 a gallon so trucks with V-10s and 460s are not economical to run.
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    Oh dude, you better watch out, I'm gonna end up getting more seat time in a "real" excavator this summer than you will, that's not right! :canadaflag:

    I say go full bore with the F450 idea and see if you can get a 12,000 pound mini in the next year or so. Is there any demand for compact services at all? I know you're always saying that you can't do much unless you have a 16 ton machine, why not make a run at small machine work?
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I may go work for somebody if I want to get back into running excavator again. I have been doing the disposal service for quite a few years I don't haul garbage garbage like you leave at the curb.

    One of the building contractors I work for was asking my mom couple weeks ago if I finished my 1 ton dump yet he said he has quite abit of work and knows other people that need junk removed.

    I had to help my brother do up a business plan for his business and it got me thinking about my venture if I bought a tandem.

    The truck payment would be 1000 dollars the insurance is 300 per month the fuel would be minimum 100 dollars a day. Drive tires are usually replaced yearly so theres almost 3000 bucks steer tires another 1200 dollars.

    The truck would be 1300 dollars a month just for the payment and insurance so I would have to more or less have the truck work 5 days at 8 hours a day. Another thing to figure in the truck needs to be inspected every 6 months so there is another 300 bucks.

    After penciling out the expenses it might not be a worth while investment going with a tandem axle if the work really picks up maybe.
  4. janb

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    Should be able to pick up a diesel in WA` state. Lots of folks who don't put lots-o-miles' getting out of them, since gas is 20% cheaper. I've had 3 friends sell their diesels and go back to gas, but none had 450's. They are 'dis-allusioned' by the 'noise / smoke, cost of maint... as I always recommend, "don't get an oil-burner, if you can't get over that stuff, or if you like 'toyota' simplicity (and resale)

    are you going Elect dump? I recently tried out a Volvo Truck that had a pretty strong elect., but the one on my 1T 4x4 is a bit whimpy, and doesn't have the travel to get vertical enough for soil.... but then it was only $500 for the whole truck, even with new Michelins :) I got my money out of that one, as I brought in several loads of boulders, and 'eco blocks' + moved my cat umteen times, and good for firewood too.
  5. Dirty Water

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    Slight hijack, but only in WA state have I heard of overpours being called Eco-blocks.
  6. bobcat9957

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    "If you can pound nails your busy I don't like pounding nails I never been a good carpenter I don't like getting up on ladders etc. "

    Thats funny cuz around here the carpenters/framers etc are mostly slow right now. The excavators, trucks, landscapers are wide open.
  7. mrusk

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    If the carpenters are busy the damn excavators better be damn busy too along with any other construction trade. Its not possible for 1 trade to be busy and another being slow in the home building world. With out excavating, how the heck do you build a house?
  8. bobcat9957

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    theres not alot of building going on is what i am saying. Most of our work it septic repairs, drains, landscaping and stuff like that.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    Where the houses are built it doesn't take much excavating. Most houses are built on rock all it takes is couple hours of scraping with a excavator they are down to bed rock.

    Right now you can't get a framer or any kind of trades person they are either doing renos or new construction. Right now plumbers won't even do house calls anymore doing repairs because there is so much clean work (new construction) who wants to play with dirty pipes.

    Its why I think I may stick with my disposal work for now because when you have house construction you got wood debris to haul away. Not many building contractors use rolloff bins because its too expensive also the sites are usually too cramped to have a 40 yard bin even a 10 yard bin. So they pile the debris up in a corner or around the edge of the house when it gets enough they want a truck to haul it away.

    Also the one landscaper I work with time to time is so busy he went from 2 full time employees now to 3 more. There are a few other small landscapers that are busy.

    It does pay to pencil out the figures before you go and do something stupid and buy a truck and it sits. Just my insurance per month to keep my 95 F-450 licensed and a tandem would be 450 dollars a month.

    These guys that are going out and buying new gravel trucks at 140,000 dollars are almost paying 3000 dollars a month for the truck payments that doesn't include the insurance etc.

    If the truck worked 10 hours it would make 800 dollars then subtract the drivers wages 235 dollars then fuel another 100 dollars the truck nets roughly 465 dollars. Say the driver slashes a drive tire on a rock which is easy to do there goes 300 dollars now the truck made 165 for the day.

    Its pretty rare for a dump truck to haul 10 hours a day maybe 8 hours at the most maybe 5 days a week if your lucky.

    Tires are the most expensive thing I guess its why the contractor I worked for freaked out when one of the drivers ruined a tire especially a new recap runs anywhere 300-350 for a 11R-22.5 deep lug tread. If you ruined a super single steer tire the profit for the truck is gone as they cost 600 dollars each.
  10. murray83

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    ever think of getting an older mini to rent to your friend?

    i think yer making the best decision,no employees,cheaper to fuel and seems like its the easier thing to hire out.

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