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    A large company almost sounds like cotts but with a curvey letter in the front of the c. Anyway first there is still snow on the ground piles everywhere ground is still really cold, and they put down dimension w/ fert on an account I have contract with. The customer signed with me, she canceled them, they showed up and they claim they auto renew. I told her she shouldnt pay, it was a waist of money and they didnt pre notify her. Besides if they are canceled they legally cant apply in my opinion. What do you think.

    Do any of you bigger guys auto renew?
    How do you word it in the contract pm me if you feel more comfortable.
  2. RigglePLC

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    Right--if she canceled-she is done with -otts. No obligation to pay, particularly if they can't get their books straight. Explain to her, if otts gives her any trouble she should threaten to contact the dept of agriculture and claim chemical trespass or something.

    That being said (I learned at Tru Green). Our accounts all auto-renew. Sales brochure says something like, "Your treatments continue 5 times per year, year after year. You may cancel at anytime by telephone." Similar reminder letter goes out in February.
    Customer is happiest if you say something like, "No problem, just call -cotts and tell them you will not pay as treatment was canceled. Cancel again to be sure, and I will begin your treatments with Round 2." Customer is agreeable, because he just got a free application. You are happy because you got a new customer. -cotts get hosed--loses customer--does not get paid.
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    Sounds like Tru-Green is at it again!!
  4. Runner

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    And that's cool that she gets a free ap out of it, but don't let that affect YOUR bottom line. Give her something else that will benefit her - so that you still get all YOUR aps in...whether it be an ap of K, or whatever. This happens all the time with these larger companies (and some smaller ones).
  5. LushGreenLawn

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    Around here, every, and I really do mean every, account that I have gotten from Scotts or True-green has had the same thing happen. They call to cancel the year before, and get the first app the next year.

    I even had a friend that cancelled Tru-Green in the middle of last year, they did not fo the last half of their season with him, and he still got a treatment this spring out of the blue.

    I think its in their business plan. Try for one more app. Most of my customers end up paying for it to avoid a hassle, even after I explain to them that they shoudn't.
  6. Atlantic Lawn

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    We auto renew, works fine. We have a lot of absentee owners.
  7. no_longer_lurker

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    everyone loves to bash the national companies (including myself) however...
    the lady said she cancelled, but did she really, was it something she never got around to??

    Or she may have cancelled...they already had printed the invoices before she cancelled...the route guy did the lawn (honest mistake)

    lastly, if your area is still snow covered and you truely feel the app they applied was worthless due to snow why not just reapply it in a few weeks?

    We auto renew. We say so on every invoice, on our winter prepay letter and on every newsletter/literature we have.
    We call every account (or at least make an attempt) during Feb. Many we can not reach by phone so we send out a postcard in early March as a remeinder we are coming out soon.
    We still get customers who say they cancelled service but never called us, no letter of cancellation in the mail, no email notification. They do not respond to our winter letter and they do not respond to our March postcard...YET they claim they cancelled??
    (my point is just because the lady says she cancelled the other company dont mean it actually happened) and yes, she should refuse to pay

    We started our season yesterday. Had a customer call me yesterday morning to cancel. The guys were already out on the road at least for an hour before I got the call. When I went to his account on the computer I noticed his invoice had already been printed. I called the tech but it was to late the lawn was done already (and the homeowner was probably watching and called me after the fact...at leasthats my gut feeling) Then I get a call in the late afternoon from the homeowner and he is ticked off.
    No problem, I explained he called after his lawn had been treated but to disregard the invoice...no charge. So now he's happy and tells me he MIGHT call us in May for another treatment (I'm guessing he's thinking another FREE treatment)

    people are airheads. So lets not always be so quick to blame the other company (though in many cases it is the company, but not always)

    OUTLANDER LawnSite Senior Member
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    wow that sounds like a company that almost sounds like hemlawn,with a letter kinda like an o with the right side missing in front of the h
  9. Frank Fescue

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    they did the right thing. she probably told a tech she wanted to cancel which isnt binding. she never called them im sure. they should sue her. i would, she seems like a liar.
  10. jbturf

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    thats absurd, applying so early with snow on the ground
    but the fact that they went to a supposed cancelled acct
    -- well i think were all used to that by now

    what really burns my ass is when i show up to service a long time
    customer in the spring(always with signed contract in hand)
    to find that company X had already treated the lawn.
    then find out that the customer was just price shopping
    with company X-- but they just decided to do the app anyway
    i get a couple of these every year

    attached a pic of my lawn in MA-- they better put there
    snow tires on if their comin my way lol

    my lawn.jpg

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