well im pissed now

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I'd like to add another thing

    Maybe if you're servicing...lets say less than 150 lawns then you might have the option to wait a bit longer before getting started.
    But if you're serviceing say 500 lawns per route then you have to get it going now, you aint got the option to wait. So there may be snow, especially near walkways/driveways where it gets piled up after shoveling, no big deal. Thats why most every company offers free service calls.

    Lets face it, any preemergent control needs to be watered in and how many of your customers are willing to water in March or April or even May with some people?

    So if we go by the method of snow and cant do the app then we must also wait til rain for a reliable watering in of the product.
    Cant run a business doing that.
  2. Mr.GreenJeans89

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    Theres no way of really knowing what happened.The homeowner could be full of it or the company could have overlooked a cancel or wanted to sneak one in.I auto renew,i send out a letter in february telling them thanks for your business last year and we would like to do the same this year.We will go ahead and put you down for the same services you received last year ...........and thats it.Dont give them an easy out and dont make it hard on urself.We are all in business to make money!
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    We never auto-renew. I sure would like to, but here's our situation: 1) Some customers decrease or increase the number of applications/services each year.......including aeration, grub prevent, tree care, etc, 2) Some retire, get divorced, lose their job, experience costly health costs, and several similar reasons, 3) Maybe they moved. Too often the last people they notify is lawn service. Bottom line: Things change, so we get confirmation each year as to the customers' needs & wants. Our .02 worth.
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    Here in Maine you can no longer auto renew. You have to get a signature on a new contract every year. And applying over snow like that is going against the label. The product has to be watered in which would be impossible with that amount of snow on the ground. Not to mention the solid ice under the snow.
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    Just as a rule, I never sign any contract of any kind with an auto-renew clause in it. Just like I write my checks, I don't pay any bills on auto-pay out of my bank account either. I don't let ANYONE control my money, and that is what auto-renews are. I have no problem renewing contracts, but I have to agree to a continuation of services first.
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    i know she called because it is a good friend of mines mom. If she said she canceled then she did, she is a ccd teacher at a church i doubt shes into lying
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    I was out your way today Sturbridge MA there was a Mauget Certification I went to.
  8. humble1

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    I understand what your saying, but if the lawn is dormant and your putting down water sol fert, then arent you contributing to non point pollution, the same stuff that gets us a bad name
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    How in the world do you get your phone and electric company to give you a new contract every month?
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    I recall years ago hearing about a company in Columbus, Ohio applying preemergent over snow cover. If I recall correctly they had very high crabgrass control failure. I would not count on that Dimension app. to work. I would really think about applying Dimension at your second round to cover your butt.

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