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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by wfd523, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Typicly gets better as it ages. The grand canyon was once a stream, same thing happens underground.
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    Recharge rates rarely come into play here. I can only think of one system that would draw down enough to need a delay between stations and it was way up on a hill. Usually I will call the well installer and ask what I can expect for output if I am doing an estimate then when I get the job I do a flow test. Most of the irrigation wells here are quite shallow (50-80). With a 1.5 hp pump it will supply almost 30 gpm at all day.
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    Once you've worked an area, you will get an idea of what the wells can produce.

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    Can't friggin believe you set the screws for the top on the ground. They could easily have been stepped on and buried or accidentally kicked into shrubs. C'mon MAN! Jeeeesh
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    I'll try to do better next time, 'ol eagle eyes. :rolleyes:
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    Yea Dad .... only hacks put screws on the ground. :rolleyes:
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    next time, he'll hire Screw Maidens to hold them.....
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    Hope you feel better soon! LOL

    It depends on where the well is located. I have heard of wells that *used* to have unlimited water. But now the water table has lowered and the well has to be drilled much deeper to get consistent volume. Either that or you must drastically reduce draw volume, run shorter run times with pauses in between.

    Anyone in the drought areas like TX experiencing wells running low or dry?
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    We clearly state on our contract that the system needs xxx pressure and xxx flow to work properly , we record this at the time of an estimate . Any changes in pressure and or flow are not our responsibility , the quality , quantity , of the water are not our problem.
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    I took over a site where the well had failed due to a piss-poor water-wasting irrigation system. It was waterfront property on the salt chuck and all we could figure was the well had finally been drawn-down so many times that it allowed salt-water intrusion and contaminated the well. Lucky for the property owner, they had city water close by, but if the irrigation "pro" knew what he was doing, they could have saved what is now thousands a year in water bills.:hammerhead:

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