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Well my phone has rang off the hook tonight!

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Sad part is it is for the wrong reason. Some DB has posted a truck for sale on CL with my phone number. First 1/2 hour of it being posted I had 20 calls. Have had probably close to 40 calls and 6 text messages. I have a good idea who it is. Sent a message to CL about it.
In their rules an act like this is punishable by them for a $3000 penalty. Don't know if any thing will be done about it. I got the number for the people I think did it and did a reverse look up on it. I now have a name and address for them.
Is there anything outside of CL that I can do?
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BUmmer. We have done that to friends a few times taken pictures of there cars or trucks and put crazy low prices with reasons like moving and such. Its actually a funny joke in that sense. But for you that reallly sucks. Hope you get to taken some action against them.
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