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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mrs. H, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Hi. I am the wife of David Hartzog and the brains behind Hartzog Lawn Co.

    Some of my duties as manager are bookkeeping, payroll, answering the phone, organization and scheduling.

    I have an Associate in Arts, and plan on pursuing a Bachelors once my children are all in school. David an I have 4 kids; ages 7, 5, 2, and 9 months.

    I was never really good at Botany or Entomology, so anything I know about grass and insects has been learned recently and somewhat reluctantly. I do not have any background in business management and all that I have learned has been from trial and error or from lurking in the business managment forums here at lawnsite.

    For anyone who might care. I never intented to "impersonate" David. He has his moods and I was typing and posting under his direction. If I have anything to say, from now on, I will log in as myself, however, the quality of David's post's may lag until he learns to navigate the forums better by himself.

    Later, Mrs. H.
  2. Mr Priceless

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    welcome to lawnsite!:waving:

    also, your sig is fantastic:laugh:
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    Glad to see you on here as, well you. No worries on his typing either, now we'll just know who's actually here.

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