well over-grown med lot with realter sign- ever do them?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowisme, May 30, 2010.

  1. mowisme

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    I was dropping my daughter off the other day to get hair done and noticed a house for sale in a somewhat lower income neighborhood. Homes averaging I'm guessing $135,000. This place has not been mowed this year yet! Has a 'For Sale' sign with realtor number. Why would a realtor try to sell a home with grass 12" tall and weeds 2ft! Anyway..Would you- or have you ever called on lots like this? I'm assumming if I got it that it would be one-time deal. Is it even worth the extra work? It would normally be just a $35 lot (app. 80'x110'- maybe slightly less). How would you even price it?..I'm assuming would take 2 mows (which realtor won't understand) and then most likely need raking and hauled away. Geno
  2. shepoutside

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    Most here will not touch them. I love them. Most realtors will not pay, and if they don't make the sale, it's out of there pocket. Some will, and some will pay large to get the proprty to " Show" state. I spread word a few years ago to all realtors in my area, and they call often, with one time cuts ( sometimes more if its a slow seller). I line trim all bad stuff, then mower it all to blend. I charge more then normal, mostly by time, but you need to "Sell" this MUST HAVE service to them. I only haul branches and limbs, not grass. Good Luck!!
  3. topsites

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    When you are hungry, does someone from McDonald's call you?
    Granted they may not know when you are in need of food.

    Put that way it may not be such a bad idea but I'm not so sure I would call the Realtor of the house in need of a cut,
    more like just put the word out.
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  4. mowisme

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    thanks Guys..I'll just see what they say- They might not even want it cut..we'll see. If it isn't worth it..I'll pass on it.
  5. G. Ramey

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    two firemen I work with have decided they want to get into the "grass cuttin" buisiness. They took on 52 bank owned houses spread out over a 50 mile area. They are going to cut one time a month for $30. Banks and realtors don,t pay very well for houses that are costing them money.
  6. topsites

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    Bit of advice:
    Set your cut height to 4"
    Double cut everything.

    Well, maybe not...
    But it will be worse if they cut it any lower.
  7. rain man

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    If the realty companies just were not so cheap it would be a good gig. Maybe there are a few who aren't so bad though.
  8. ajslands

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    80x120 that's fairly small, I'd say about 100-150$ you'll need to cut it 3-5 times mulching the first 3 and bagging the last 2.

    I just did a half acre for 400$
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  9. Kustom Kutz

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    I do work for Century 21 and REA here where I live at in Mississippi. First off if you are dealing with realty company you are probably a legitimate business (General Liability, Work Comp and all the other goodies). THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A $35 YARD ANYMORE. Realty Companies such as the ones I do work for require me to have all of license and insurance to step on there properties. By the time they get around to calling me to do whatever it is that needs to be done all they want to hear is "I GOT IT" I charge a substantial amount mowing propeties that aren't under contract. Regular yard for realty company that isn't over grown $75.00 and if they are over grown they go to hourly... $150.00/hr

    By the way 50 yards @ $30.00 a cut once a month is only $1500.00. That isn't even enough to break even in my opinion. I have a $50.00 minimum to let the gate down on my trailers, but my labor runs around 4k a week. If you could cut all 50 yards in 2 days yall might make some money.
  10. Kustom Kutz

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    Another thing I do with my realty companies is i'll float the maintanence payments on a house under contract until it sells. Most houses aren't owned by realty companies. Regular people normally own them and are having to pay 2 mortages and keep up 2 yards. They love to not have to pay for maintanence until closing and they really don't care what you charge bc you are helping them out in a sense.

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