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I've been mowing on and off for other companies for about 8 years. I did full time irrigation for over a year. Now I have a full time 40 hr a week security job that pays for me to take classes in business managment and turf grass, but I am getting a head start with starting my company this year. I know you guys will give me a hard time cuz of my set up but this is just to start since this is not my main sorce of income I have bought everything out of pocket or already had it. My trailer is only a 5x8 but its perfect for right now plus it was paid off a few years ago( i got it to haul my dirtbike to the track on). im pulling my trailer with my 2000 jeep cherokee. im going to keep this thread going as I grow my business so everyone can see how it goes. :usflag:

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Also love the Dodge... Own Fords now, But my 91 Dodge Ram 250 was the best truck I've ever owned. Good luck with the rebuild.
You should get a better camera, I got dizzy looking at the one of the trailer with the trimmer racks.:dizzy:
1 - 2 of 80 Posts
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