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I've been mowing on and off for other companies for about 8 years. I did full time irrigation for over a year. Now I have a full time 40 hr a week security job that pays for me to take classes in business managment and turf grass, but I am getting a head start with starting my company this year. I know you guys will give me a hard time cuz of my set up but this is just to start since this is not my main sorce of income I have bought everything out of pocket or already had it. My trailer is only a 5x8 but its perfect for right now plus it was paid off a few years ago( i got it to haul my dirtbike to the track on). im pulling my trailer with my 2000 jeep cherokee. im going to keep this thread going as I grow my business so everyone can see how it goes. :usflag:

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This is just of the trailer ive been workin on. I put all new lighting on it last night and im putting the trimmer rack on the front. the big cube is a bin to grass into. I found it at meijer for like 25 bucks. it should work great.
the dodge is my project truck. I want to use it for a lawn truck someday. It is a 1980 dodge W200 (snocommander) it is a very awsome truck but very rough. I have a 318 in it now because I took the 360 out to rebuild it. I wanna take the bed off and put on a dumping flat bed.
Also love the Dodge... Own Fords now, But my 91 Dodge Ram 250 was the best truck I've ever owned. Good luck with the rebuild.
That truck was my dads, he passed away June 1 2008 only a few months after I came home from active duty. He left me the truck, so far I have redone both front and rear brakes ran new lines and all. I've also done plugs wires cap rotor oil filter coolent new top end gasket on 316 thats in it. I even have redone the factory hydo pump that runs off the belt took me almost 3 months to find out how the system works. the truck came from factory with a second power steering pump that is what runs the plow its a pretty slick set up. so that system has a new pump new lines resevor sanded and painted the 7.5 plow got an 8' to put on also. The bad is the floor is rotted out and we are having title issues my mom cant find the title and they wont issue her another one because my dad passed away and in Ohio he could only leave her 2 vehicles and it would be the 3rd one. but we are working on it. most people ask me why have I put some much money into it. As a kid growing up I spent hundreds of Hrs pushing snow with my dad in that truck and i wont get of it. I would get rid of my house car everything I own and live on the street before I get rid of that truck.

Thanks to everyone who has checked out this thread I'll keep it updated as much as I can and I hope to keep getting feedback from others.

God Bless
Wes :usflag:
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Not trying to discourage you but that cube will probably get torn up very easily after using it a few times. Specially with the wind from driving down the road. I would personally suggest building sometime of wooden enclosure on the front of that trailer so you can dumb more than just grass if need be. Keep us posted and good luck this season.
Yeah I was thinking about that. I really just wanna try and make it through the spring most of my lawns I dont bag just mulch its a lot better for the grass if you just mulch it. The trailer is still going to be used for my dirtbike all summer long so I am trying to stay away from building anything to crazy for it maybe something I could put in and take away ill have to think about that. The cube does fold down its kinda like one of those folding hampers. so it would only be used when it has stuff in it.... we will see what happens

Here are some more pics of the dodge truck in the back

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just some more pics

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yeah i put almost 1400 just in redoing the brakes and I plan on rebuilding the 360 that is sitting on the floor. The truck needs new floorboards and I plan to remove the truck bed and replace it with a dumping flat bed when the whole project is done. The truck should turn out pretty nice.
here are some pics of business card door hanger front and back and t-shirt i had made up :usflag:

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Thanks for all the pros and cons of my items. I read this site almost everyday and take many ideas and consider them for my business. The $30 price on the door hanger is just one of the prices I use for a few sub-divisions around me. I make all of my door hangers at home, everything from printing to cutting even putting the hole and slit in to place on the doors. I like the look of being able to put a price already on the door there is no need for me to come back and figure out the price if it is already there for them.

The name I came up with myself and I though it was pretty catchy I talked it over with friends and family and everyone that I have asked liked it that is why I went with it. You always see the names A cut above, Sharp Edge, there is a bunch of name that are used all over the place but I have never found another one named the same as mine.

As for snow removal/snow relocation that is just a technicality because if you are loading up the snow and moving it to a different location you are still just "relocating" it. But when you think about it if i am taking it off of the drive way and pushing it into the yard your still removing it from there driveway.

Mowing some might have to be down with a push mower but i have a 36" wbm, and also have a 60ztm so its not really pushing the mowers its like walking with the mower. But when I think about it when I use my tractor to do driveways I use the back box so I'm pulling the snow, oh well ill keep my name and keep driving foward with the service that i provide. thanks for your comments
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Sorry I was put on orders for my unit. We have almost 80 soldiers deploying and I run the office that does all the paperwork. I am still very interested in it if you still have it but I do not know when I will have time to come get it. If you have got rid of it I understand 100% I'm not trying to burn any bridges.
I will let you know. I am not getting deployed just some people from my unit I think they leave in 3 weeks for training so I have 2 weeks to get there paperwork done. I will let you know.
The Flyers are just white card stock that i print on both sided. I then cut them in half and I found a 1.5" hole punch at hobby lobby for scrapbooking that I use to make the hole its really simple and cheep and I can change them when ever. I did the math one day and its like $.02 for each one I make... Ill redo the math to make sure that its right.
ok so if I had to buy all new ink for my printer it would be around $516 that ink would last for about 4000 sheets of paper at 5% color on each page. 4000 sheets of paper would cost me $135 and would make 8000 doorhangers

total is $651/8000 = $.081 so it works out to about $0.08 each one not to bad at all
had a good night last night and so far today..... made about 300 door hangers last night.. im going to go out around 5pm and hand them out a couple subdivisions should do. I changed the plug on my 36wbm and started it up. I just got it to my place so i was messing around in the yard along my barn just tryin to see how my lines look and for a lil pratice before I do some other lawns. I took pics Ill post tonight when I get home.

Nice to see a local guy. What areas do you service? Looks like your off to a good start, dont let anyone put you down... What kind of mower is that? Do you have any hand healds (trimmers, blowers, ect). Any pics of the jeep? If you have any questions, i will anwser them to the best of my knowledge. Also, about the $30 mows, like others said make sure you put up to _____ sq ft. Or some one may come along, and screw you...

Check out our set up... Maybe we will see eachother around...
Yeah I havn't seen to many people from around here on here. I am from the Perrysburg area. I'm trying to keep my business for now in the Perrysburg, Rossford, Stony Ridge, moving down To BG just a little bit. Where do you get most of your lawns. I am also tryin to stay with the houses vs. business, most people seem to not want to do them so I am having a pretty good market so far. As for a list of equipment

2000 Jeep XJ
5X8 trailer with trimmer rack on front
2-Maruyama trimmers (1 strait, 1 curve shart)
1 lawnboy 21" sp push mower
1 36" lesco belt drive wbm (with bagger)
1 60" exmark ztm
cheep blower
need to buy a edger

everything is paid off except the jeep that is my pov so I dont really count it against my business, My business insurance including a 1,000,000 libality coverage is less that what i was payin for just the jeep it also covers 8000 in equipment, full coverage on the jeep and 1000 for the trailer pretty good deal. so when I am looking at profit vs. loss I dont count the insurance or jeep payment because I would be paying that much anyways lol
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here are some pics of my driveway i was putting new stones down.... also some coldpatch in some potholes. I also took some pics of the 36" and some lines when i was just messing around in my yard.

OH yeah a flyer that I hang up at the local military bases I know some people are going to rip me a new one on them so Bring It On!

Wes :usflag:

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just some more pics

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just picked up an echo edger and new mulch blades for the 36" will try to get pics up tonight when I get home rained all day today so it was workin in the barn. tryin so fluid film on the decks to keep the grass from sticking. will also try to get pics of the whole rig tomorrow it is suppose to be nice outside we will see.
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