Well that will piss ya' off

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I check my greymail every day. I just recieved an email in it, at 8:30 tonight that was sent out October 15th by a potential new customer just moving to the area, asking about a bunch of work... Thats the last time I put my e-mail address on a flyer.


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Longview TX
What do you mean by greymail? Email is an awesome tool for any business. I use gmail. Keeps everything totally organized.

Darryl G

I get delayed or lost email but most annoying is when I get voice mails on my cell phone (Verizon) and the phone never even rang.


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Darryl, I've had that happen too. I questioned them on it. They claim its from adding new towers. My internet shuts down too at times from it. I have it on my phone and my home computer. Sad thing is can talk anywhere pretty much with them. I have people all the time ask how can you get reception here? They either have t-Mobil or at&t. A few Sprint people complain. I had tmobile like 6-7 years ago. I had to go out of my house to use it.
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