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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by teamgreendude, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Ya, but would you buy the Fast Trac line which is Wells Cargo's economy line?
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    If you're someone that sells/trades for a new trailer every 2-4 yrs.. then get what you want.. Wells has a name, and that's it. If you're getting a trailer for the long term, then get an all aluminium construction, seamless walk on roof and call it a day. I got a 8x20 W. C. Express Wagon in 2006. Had it custom built with service panel and full insulation and a bunch of other options. It sat on job sites most of it's life. Very little trailering time. It served kind of like a storage space/office on new home sites. It has sat in my yard for the past 3 years. Decided this fall to convert it into a toy hauler, rear for sleds and front for sleeping. So just recently took down one of the roof and one of the wall plywood 4x8 sheets to see how things were underneath.. HA.. What a joke. Few pieces of insulation.. Not what I would call insulated. I paid big money to have them insulate the walls/roof and under the floor.. Now 6 years later.. I'm not too happy. So to make this thing right, I have to pay a second time to insulate it myself. I'm also starting to see daylight in two of the four roof corners.. So I have to look into fixing that too.(again, very little road time). There are much better trailers out there for the money.. Shop, shop, shop.. Good luck.

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    See if a Legend dealer is in your area... If so, compare them to your Wells deal.. Me think you'll be surprised.. If you do go the Aluminium route.. go all aluminium.. not combo steel/aluminium.(corrosion)

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