Wells Cargo vs Pace and other ?'s

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shadetree Ltd, Jan 23, 2003.

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    I am in the process of replacing our equipment and trailer from this thread http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38142 And have a few questions. I had a Wells Cargo and now I am pricing both a Pace and Wells Cargo, those of you that have had either or both of them, is the Wells Cargo worth almost 20% more? I understand the construction differences but the overall product is what I am interested in. These are the only two makes I am considering due to dealer service and availibilty.

    We are looking at either an 8X18 or 8X20. The trailer will have 4 21" mowers, a 48" Exmark TTHP and a 52 Exmark Lazer with the UltraVac mounted 95% of the time. Any thoughts on what size would best suit my needs? The 20' is starting to get into parking concerns due to the length, if I can do the 18' comfortably I will. Also Wells Cargo does not make an 18', they charge for a 20' and shorten it.

    Lastly, what options did you get or regret getting/not getting?

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    we've got a pace 24'. it was a lot cheaper (more than 20%) and a local dealer had it in the colour and axle weight I wanted. it may be finished a little plainer than the W.C. but once you get it lettered, it'll look fine. make sure you get the heavier (5200lb vs.3600lb) axles, once you have it loaded with all the little sundry items the weight tends to add up. (don't forget to include the weight of the trailer itself when calculating your gross weight)
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    Either trailer will have the heavier axles, a GVW of 10000 lbs. It will be pulled by a 550 dumper by the end of the season and will probably need to be scaled on a regular basis so I do not want to be even close to reaching the weights. Either trailer will be a custom factory order.


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    We had a Pace 20 x 8.5, very cheap, fell apart after 2 years. Pulled a Wells Cargo for 1 month working with a friend of mine and hated the drag of the trailer, (flat front). Found a Cherokee trailer, love it, pulls like a dream (rounded front). They may not have a dealer in your area though (as you said).

    As far as options:
    -get a wide front door 40" or so.
    -get multiple lights for before and after hours loading and safety
    -get a welded front bench (single or dual)
    -floor latches are nice also (easy to install yourself)
    -diamond plate aluminum on the front corners and across the bottom
    -skip the roof vents and get metal reversible side vents


    Good Luck on your new purchase
  5. hoagie

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    If it's being pulled by a dump, drag won't be a factor.

    I've worked w/ a few different types, and in the end it all came down to Haulmark and Wells... They are by far the best made.

    I went w/ wells.... PT floor w/ 20yr warranty and 6yr on the rest... LED lighting all around.

    "Landscaper package", and MAKE SURE to get an extended tongue if it's going to be pulled by a dump. GO 20 FT!!
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    A friend of mine has interstate and he uses it hard and no problems and it is very well built ! We have a very large dealer not far from here and he switched from selling Wells Cargo to Interstate and he is very particular about what he sells!

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