Wells Fargo, worst bank ever, and probably has less cash on hand than you think

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Az Gardener, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Az Gardener

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    So I popped into a Wells Fargo branch this morning right after they opened to cash a check. This is not a little strip mall or grocery store branch, this is a stand alone big branch in the heart of the financial district in Phoenix. The Biltmore branch if your familiar with the area.

    The check was for a little over 7-K and I wanted cash. After explaining to the associate the many reasons why I don't want to open an account she tells me they may not have that much cash on hand ;) I was dumbfounded. Your kidding I said, no she said I will have to check.

    She came back about 15 min later and dropped a stack of 50's that were tied together with a rubber band. This was no doubt the worst service at a bank I have ever received. I stayed sitting at her desk and unbundled the cash began to count it out my self. She never offered to count it out to me, or to take me back to a more private spot to count it. I was right at the edge of the main floor no cubicle wall or anything. No envelope or bag to but the cash in. When I asked her for envelopes she gave me one, the stack tightly bundled was 3+ inches tall. While I was counting she was checking e mails and just going about her business as if I was invisible.

    The worst service ever without a doubt.
  2. GunnPropertyServices

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    what do you expect, its not your bank, your not really a customer. why didnt you go to your own bank?

    most banks dont carry all that much money as most expect or see in movies and most have clauses etc that give them 24 hrs to cover large cash withdrawals.
  3. walker-talker

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    I am sure whoever wrote him the check banked at Wells Fargo, otherwise they probably would not give him cash on the spot. I will never bank at a big national bank like that. Community banks are the way to go, IMO. Bank of America has out mortgage. I called them about a problem awhile back and it was pure pain. Took hours to get ahold of somebody and was like talking to a damn brick wall.
  4. DanaMac

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    Many years ago I was a customer at a local bank that was swallowed up by WF. Immediately after that, I found a new local bank. I won't bank at one of the national conglomerates. We're just a number to them, not a person.
  5. wbw

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    Twenty years ago I walked into a bank to cash a $6000 check a customer had given me. This was on a Monday and the teller told me that they could not cash it until Friday because they received their cash on Thursday afternoon. However, I was able to go to the main location and cash it.
  6. Landscape Poet

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    From what I gather this is not abnormal (the cash on hand not the service). I have went into my bank on several occasions to either cash a large check or to withdraw a large amount of cash and ran into similar issues.
    A bank is just like any smart business, they keep a estimated amount of cash onhand for the amount of business they expect to do in a day and that is it. Leaving excess cash around is a SHRINK issue, to many issues to go wrong with employees being tempted and to many criminals that would love to know that a bank keeps large cash reserves. Local branches is obvious what I am talking about. Generally if they get over a certain amount of cash in a given day - they have a brinks like truck come pick up the money, they need money the brinks like truck brings it. I know this as I have been told this because I had to come back a couple hours after making my request for cash - and they explained why.
    Same thing goes for ATM's - ever been to one on a Holiday and found it is out of Cash? They keep just what they estimate is needed because of worries about theft.
    One local credit union learned this the hard way....they were new...stacked the machine out for a memorial day weekend.....someone went through the roof of the building after cutting the electric to the entire strip mall it was in - butchered the place up and walked away with over $60k - still not found. Not a bad days work for some yahoo with a saw and a couple of hours!
  7. Roger

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    Just curious, (to those wanting >$6K in cash), why do you want that much cash on your person? I know, ... none of my business, but just curious. Do people walk around with that kind of money on them?
  8. Landscape Poet

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    I do not what recall all the times that I needed that much cash on hand, but the first time I needed it, it was simple, I was going to the dealer to buy news sticks and a new Z. He like most people down here will not take a personal check, however is set up to take cards. The processing fee charged to many retailers is often a % and they often as in the case of my dealer can not access the money for up to two days......so to make it easier on him and CHEAPER for me - he save the % fee and does not have to wait for his money, and I of course get him to lower the out the door price even lower than what I finally chewed him down too.
  9. topsites

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    Try the silly little rule of ID required when cashing a check made out to "cash"
    and it may make perfect sense to a lot of people but that in my opinion defeats
    the entire purpose when the check is made out Pay to the order of Cash,
    in my book that means it's as good as cash, do you have to present ID
    to spend cash money, then why should I have to present ID to cash
    a check that's not made out to me in person?

    Yes, I realize all banks are like that.
    But much like yourself, I get frustrated with the BS fast.

    Because of that stupid rule...
    I REFUSE to accept a check made out to cash.
    Which, we don't want to go where I start to thinking that's probably the way they want it in the first place.
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  10. LB1234

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    Every bank I have banked at only holds so much cash on hand, I just thought this was a common sense fact, apparently not :laugh:. At my bank any checks that are written out to my business I'm not allowed to "cash". I have to deposit the check and withdraw it from my check/savings account...provided I have sufficient funds. Don't quote me, but I believe it is illegal to cash a check written to a business at the check writers bank. Personal is a different story. I could be wrong on this.

    As far as the bank 'incident'. I think you are as much to blame as the bank. Granted they didn't give you a private room HOWEVER neither did you ask for one AND you decided to count it out at the front counter anyway.:nono::nono: IMHO, you are asking for trouble getting that much cash right at the teller window. Look in the mirror.

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