Went back to single blades....but not by choice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, May 10, 2004.


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    My mower broke down on me Friday afternoon. Was able to borrow my friends mower for the weekend. We both have the exact same mower (Toro 44in WB). Only difference is that I have doubles and he doesn't. I had to double cut 1/2 of the accounts I mowed. Never had to do this with mine. I've told him in the past he needs to switch over to doubles but his mechanic talks him out of it. Claims it puts too much strain on the engine. My mower should be ready Monday. Thank God!! This double cutting is for the birds!!!
  2. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    what exactly happened to your mower? The engine lock up, ruin some spindles, warp the deck?
  3. MOW ED

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    I have a Toro 44"WB also. While doubles work nicely and I do use them in the fall I take them off during mowing season. I don't know if blowing 2 clutches in 3 months had anything to do with the doubles but since running singles I have not blown one.

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    Nope, none of the above. Either the tranny shaft is worn out, or the coupler is stripped. Very common.
  5. bugspit

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    very common? very common when using doubles? or common failure to this mower?
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    I use double blades all season long on my mowers but then again all my mowers have pretty large engines for their size.(2-60'' lazer 27hp, 48'' wb 17 hp, 36'' wb 15hp) I have nevernoticed a power loss in any of my equipment. i guess just make sure you are always doing preventive maintence on your equipment and it will last.
  7. rodfather

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    You may be blowing clutches by engaging the blades at a high rpm with doubles...I start them off low to mid range btw.
  8. MOW ED

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    Haven't had one go in 2 years and I have done nothing other than take the doubles off. Don't know what to tell ya.

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    Very common when using this mower. I used singles for 6 years, and doubles the last 2, and these problems are occurring at the same frequency.
  10. matthew horner

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    My experience was opposite. I find it takes longer to cut with doubles than with singles. My comparison was with single hi lifts, and double hi lift and gators on top.

    Did this with a dixie chopper.

    on my toro 52 wb, switched from hi lifts to atomics, and my cut slowed down. If i tried to go fast, had to double cut.

    Just my experiences.

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