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Went to move mower today and Hydraulic Fluid Leak


LawnSite Member
Jackson TN
Grasshopper 227 has been sitting in my shop since January 3 and not been started. Little warmer today so decided to get it out and let it run a little and drive around block. AAfter I moved it out side to let warm up, came back inside so I could shut door to keep some heat in. I noticed a couple of spots of hydro oil in floor. It has oil on the "strainer" on right supply line from hydro resovoir. The mower is under warranty still so no big deal. Just wondering if anyone has had this trouble. Kind of annoying with a 6 month old mower already got leeaks.

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
My 227 also has a small drip in the hydraulics. It started last summer, but never got worse and after checking the fluid level over time it never really fell so I let it go. I need to get it fixed since it's for sale now (bought a new 329B). I'm really unsure where my leak is coming from, it's not visiable from outside the frame, but appears to be coming from one side (don't recall which now).

I wouldn't blame grasshopper, it's usually either a fitting on a hose, which is made by an outside source, or a seal in a hydro wheel motor, again an industry standard brand, not made by the mower manufacturer.

I had a Dixon Kodiak once, and I did blame the dealer for many of the problems I had. First a hydro motor seal went out, under warranty,replaced by my dealer. But the mechanic didn't tighten a hose properly, let it twist and turn when tightening, and it sliced open from the inside causing a huge leak one day. After that was fixed, not long after, the other hydro pump failed. I found out that the mechanic had used 10w30 motor oil in the hydros instead of the recommended 15w50 mobil 1 synthetic. I fired them by trading the dixon in for the grasshopper at another dealer.

Sorry, the story is unrelated, but just goes to show you, hydraulics are finickey and you have to have good persons working on them. Double check that they are knowledgeable about the proper oil to use! Grasshoppers need THEIR branded oil, period.