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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dawg, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Man the place was packed with the dealer reps, but I found out some things that made me happy. First I talked to the Kawasaki rep. Told him I liked my trimmer with the exception that I had to put a redmax gearbox on to use a speedfeed head. He told me I was in luck because Kawasaki had been in touch with the company that makes the speedfeed and they should be switching over to them instead of the Veri brand. They also as of 1-1-08 went to a two year warranty. Next was the Redmax reps. One I had talked to in the past showed me the new 2600 trimmer. He told me they fixed the strato bogging problems. They now have a accelerator pump under the carb. I looked at a Husqvarna combo deck that they are starting to put on the Z's. This deck is stamped 7gauge and it was built to mulch. It will rear discharge if you remove the backplate. He told me it was built for those who like to mulch most of the time. I am going to demo one in a couple months. My favorite thing was getting to drive the Walker Super B. Man I liked this mower and the 60" deck is a monster compaired to my 48 and 42 GHS decks. This thing handled like my MT and the 10MPH speed was nice and smoothe. I did not get to cut any grass but if this dude cuts good I will be owning one. The thing I liked most was the deck is deep and very heavy.
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    I forgot to mention that I asked the Walker rep about the new 52ghs deck. He did not have one for me to look at but said they are having such good luck with the new design and the blades turning the opisite direction that they may change all ghs decks to this style.
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    Shindaiwa is the company that makes the speed feed head. We used them on all of our trimmers - they just came out with a couple more options to fit them up to any trimmer brand (redmax, echo, stihl).

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