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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brieldo, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. Brieldo

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    I went to visit my local eXmark dealer today to discuss a new machine for next year. We discussed the new EPS 60, and apparently the 26EFI actaully puts out 28HP, but they just label it as 26. My dealer explained that it's a matter of the 25 carb. engine putting out 25, and then when the EFI is thrown on it, 3 extra horsepower is ascertained. I thought that was quite interesting. Im pretty sure I cant mention pricing on here, but from what it seems, the price isnt so bad, that is, if he throws in that EZ Striper for me...:D So, for now, I'm gonna have to get the JD 445 all cleaned up and ready to go and then we'll reassess the situation when it gets a little closer to spring. Hope all you guys had a great turkey day!

    ODIN, You knew the man would break eventually=)
  2. rodfather

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    A lot of times, all the engine manufacturers do to increase hp is beef up the jets in the carb.

    Wanted a 25 kawi next year on a new 61"WB from Ferris instead of the normal 23 hp. I figured the bolt pattern would be the same for the 23 as the 25 (it is). They wouldn't do it for me cause the exhaust system is different.

    But the bore and torque is the same on the 23 vs. the 25. Alll in the carb as I found out after doing a little digging.
  3. Randy Scott

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    Actually, I believe they will have a 26 EFI and a 28 EFI motor this year. It's not in their new brochure but my dealer and eXmark rep say they will have these two models. They have it listed in the dealer wholesale book that my dealer has for next years pricing. Also, when I purchased my 26 EFI they said it was rated at 29 HP. So I asked my dealer, does that mean the new 28 EFI will have 31 HP. That really doesn't make sense to me. He realy didn't have an answer at that time.If they have more HP than what it really has, why on Gods earth wouldn't they use that to market the machine, Well, anyways, the 26 EFI has performed flawless and has good power. I would check into the 28 EFI because it will only be that much better. I guess we could go to the eXmark forum and pose this question to them! :)
  4. hey ben

    I told ya the old man would break:D
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    I asked the question years ago at a Distributor meeting, why do they label them 12 hp and 14 hp, and all have the same parts.
    The answer is really quite simple if you can understand the engine manufacturers mindset.
    First off it is not illegal to label an engine lower than what it rates out. Obviously it is illegal to call a 10 hp a 14 hp. So what the engine manufactures do is change labels according to what the mower companies spec out. In theory if you look at, for example, a 14, 14.5, 15, or 15.5 engine, you are looking at the same engine with different decals.
    And trust me, ALL the engine companies do it. As a rep at Kohler explained to me, it is easier than retooling for 4 seperate engines when you can build it all on one assembly line.

    Parts Guy
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    What Partsguy said is true! I have an engine labeled at 17HP. The engine is actually a 21HP and I have seen it labled at everything between 16 & 21 HP.
  7. r.eckley

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    The Kohler rep at louisville told me the only difference between the 26&28 hp was the cam shaft . I have a 2001 z-master with the 26efi 870hrs and troublefree.

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