Were did you go to College?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by lawnpro2210, Oct 17, 2009.

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    So ill be a senior in High School this year and have started looking at colleges. My question for you all is where did you go to college and for what? Did you like it? I’d like to major in landscape design and construction or construction management. I looked at ATI in Ohio but was not happy with the landscape and design part of it, I just didn’t like the work they did when I went to visit. It wasn’t built professionally and had many lil short cuts done to it that shouldn’t have, but I did like the construction management very much. Basically if you have ever seen etwman thread http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=37810 that’s what I would like to get into and some day start my own business. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also I’d like to stay in Ohio to keep the costs down but open to others out of state . Thanks Mike
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    I didn't go to college and I am doing fine. Go work for the most high end landscape construction firm for 4 years. Then go start your biz.
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    for what its worth...

    ATI is a good basic program to get you started in the right direction. I went there for 3yrs and got the basics. I've been in the field and grew up doing this stuff all my life. So I really didn't get much from it other than brushing up on latin and turf.
    Matt gave good advice about working for someone else. I got frustrated they werent teaching enough or hands on stuff, so I went to work for a few companies. Thats where the magic is- hands on training. Learn the plants, turf specifics, math, soils, and then you should be good and valuable to a company. Otherwise they will start you at a lower pay if they need to teach you on their own dime.
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    I graduated from Ashland University with a BSBA in HRM.

    Liberal arts schools are the best!

    I used to have interns from ATI. It was great, because they had to come to work. I had to do reports on them once a week, which was a large part of their grade. They were all hard workers and on the ball. Keep in mind, no matter what you go to school for, the real world is WAY different!


    Rex Mann

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    WSU (washington state) GO COUGS!!!!!!
    majored in architecture and construction management. landscaping was a summer hobby for extra money, but then i really enjoyed it. dont be too specific going to college, probably 90% of my friends changed majors the first year. be open minded and then decide what you enjoy, spend the summers getting into design, install and maintenance.

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