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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Scag48, May 10, 2006.

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    Alright guys, things are finally going the way we had planned. We've found enough work for the 312 for the next month or so and we haven't done any advertising as of yet, so we're not doing too bad for having this machine for 2 weeks. We're about 2/3 done with our current job that covers 1/3 the cost of the machine so we're making pretty good money as of right now. Dad is looking to buy a 277B to use on large landscape jobs, unloading retaining wall blocks off our F450, and general duties. Since we have the 216 for detail work such as fine grading, using the Harley rake and the trencher, the 277 will be used for heavy tasks only, so we don't need it to fit the attachments we currently have as our 216 runs them perfectly. We are going to be doing pools next year so we might need a machine to crawl down into the pools if we can't get the 312 onto the site, so we'd use our 303CR and the 277 to do pools on restricted space sites. I would like to get a 6 way blade for the 277 and equip it with a laser grading system and get the one-up on the competition here, NOBODY runs laser grading systems out here. Our 312 is going to have a stick mounted laser reciever, the laser package comes in this week as well as our 2 other buckets. If we get the 277 in the next month or so, hopefully I can use it this summer to help backfill foundations and such, a backhoe would be nice but we need an all around dirt slinger the 277 fits that bill perfectly. We're also planning on using the 277 for doing some of this orchard removal stuff. One of our competitors uses a D4H with a brush rake and pushes an entire row of trees and then stacks them up with his excavator. Otherwise, you're running the undercarriage off the excavator tracking back and forth to the pile. So I'm planning on fabbing a custom brush rake for the 277 to push smaller trees into a pile and then stack and burn with the 312, we couldn't do any real big trees using the push method, but smaller trees would be no problem for a 277.

    Well, that was a bit long, but it's just an update of what's happening in our neck of the woods. Seems like things haven't been busy on here lately so I thought I'd stir the pot. :cool2:
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    Well you wanted to get into the excavation business now just have to be carefull you don't sink yourself into debt. Seen too many companies grow too fast and they end up folding because they spent too much.

    Get more machinery more guys you need to run it all to keep it working. I don't know how many people you have working for your dad now but I prolly wouldn't go anymore than you your dad and a employee.
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    Yeah, I hear you on that. We have 6 employees right now and can train someone on a machine if we had to, but the thing of it is that our 216 and 303 probably won't make it too far off our landscape sites and both of those machines are pretty much paid for, so if they're not working everyday it's not a big deal. We really need to keep the 312 working as much as possible and if we end up getting a 277 I'll use that on the excavation sites as a backhoe replacement. All of the smaller equipment at this point is just support equipment, the 312 is what we need to focus on keeping busy and by the looks of it we shouldn't have too much trouble doing that. GR, do you have any experience with hoe pacs? I need to figure out a compaction method before I need one, I can always rent one first to decide what I need, but a hoe pac for the 312 to compact and using the 277 to backfill is kind of what I'm thinking for a compaction plan.
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    Wow thats a big skid I can see that being use full as a forklift or general bulldozer for backfilling trenches etc or carrying bedding material for pipe laying. That in combination with the 312 would probably work out good the only problem is your going to need a truck to move your equipment around.

    I would prolly start looking for a good old used tandem axle logging truck build a ramp body for it so you can either carry your 312 or any of your other equipment. A truck with a ramp deck is easier to carry equipement around over dragging a lowbed.

    Usually you can find a good old used logging truck for 6000-10,000 dollars you really don't need something fancy.
  5. murray83

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    dude that stick mounted laser you will LOVE it and wonder how u ever got by with out it.
  6. Scag48

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    We're having our 312 hauled private party. All we do is give them 2 days notice and the machine gets hauled professionally. And, it only costs us about what we'd charge the customer for a move-in charge anyway, so it doesn't cost our customers any more than it would if we moved it ourselves.

    That's the beauty of the 277, I can slap a 6 way blade on it and have a pretty decent grading machine, not quite that of a D4, but it's a little more versatile than a D4. I can also use it to backfill with a blade or bucket and compact with the 312 at the same time. It also will allow me to move materials around a site that would otherwise be impossible with a 312. At some point, our landscape foreman will be running our crew, allowing my old man to be free to help me on sites as needed. If we have to hire another operator, we will, but I'm trying to hold off.

    Oh yeah, we have a truck/trailer combo to move the 277. Shouldn't be a problem with the F450 :drinkup:
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    Scag good for you! Just doesn't loose focus of the companies many goals and drift off into to many areas. Funny thing is, i was just about to make a thread asking what you were going to buy next!

    I'm in love with my 246b. I just wish i got to run it more! I put 13hrs on it in to weeks. Can't wait to get it onto the next job where i have to make a big cut into a bank for a SRW. The better i get on this machine, the less i think i'll be renting a mini x. I think i can hold off on one for awhile unless i start doing walls 100% of the time.

    My next peice of equipment is going to be a bigger compactor.

  8. iluvscag

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    Your gonna need a T series next.

  9. Mini man

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    Sounds like you are a go getter!
    Best of luck for your future!:canadaflag: :clapping:
  10. Scag48

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    Thanks guys. It's been crazy, we've put 65 hours on the 312 so far. Just keep plugging away.

    That T series Kenny looks pretty nice, too bad I don't have a CDL yet to drive it. Thinking about taking the written exam and getting my learners permit.

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