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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnboy82, May 26, 2001.

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    i really dont get it. i just dont. you guys say you can spread 30 yards of mulch in one day 4 guys. well so far in a day and a half with 5 guys and 1 skid steer we have moved about 30 yards of mulch and accidentally torn up the lawn due to wet weather. for right now the bill for the mulch is up around 3500 dollars. not bad, right? here is the thing though. this woman told me that 5? years ago she had a guy do the same thing we are doing now for 500 dollars. this one garden that this guy had worked on so far has taken up about 30 man hours, and 25 yards of mulch and chips, give or take.
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    Are there tons of annuals or perennials you have to work around? Otherwise, I can't see two guys spending more than a day working on that, with skidloader and 3 wheelbarrows.

    I had one of my guys spread 8 yards of mulch himself, by hand, in one day.

    As a rough benchmark for me, each of my guys should be doing $1K of work for me per day.

    You got a great price for doing the job. I'd probably charge around $2K for 30 yards, but I'd have it done at the end of the day.

    What kind of help do you have?
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    wow, 1,000 dollars per day is a nice figure. per guy that is. i have equadorians working for me. today and yesterday it was myself, 2 women / 2 men. the women actually work harder than the men do i must say, as the women have been specially requested by these customers. um no annuals to work around. but for about 150 feet there were vines, small trees, weeds, firewood to be moved, trees / shrubs to be pruned within ground height that you can reach, etc. rocks, i am getting 30 per yard for the mulch seeing as how i am getting it for 15 a yard. then 200 per day per guy. each guy costs me 100 per day. my rate just went up though to 250 per day per guy. i am getting 300 per day for the skid steer and i am paying 200 for it per day. what else? there is flagstone that has to be installed and that will be about 200 for something that cost me i believe about 125 then what else? i think that is all the materials there were. there were some chips i had a friend deliver for free nothing paid nothing charged for that. except labor. this job is T&M. time and materials for those who are not in the know. longer we take the more money i make. i dont have to push the guys, they do good work, if something has to be fixed the customer gets billed for it, etc. we still have another good 2 days there i think the skid steer will be done tomorow. hopefully. i know that this bill will be up over 5,000 easy. the reason the lawn got torn up was because of the skid steer. the woman said to me that we should try to avoid using it due to its wear and tear on the lawn. however i asked my employee who has done this work before how long it would take, same amount of guys no machine. 2 weeks. maybe 1 week if they are cooking. so that isnt that bad, i gotta go back next week and fix up the machine damage. also the reason why i did the machine is because the woman said it had to be done by tomorow (sunday) so the landscaping will be about 3/4 of the way done, then there is just the flagstone and fixing up the damage, as well as planting some annuals and weeding one large bed. i am sure as heck happy i didnt agree to do this all for 1700. the cleanup alone thatch / blow gardens was $700 now i am off to shower, and to update this woman's bill. by the way, seeing as how we got rained out today i looked at another job and got it, small job. 1200+ for just throwing in some plants and mulch.
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    For residential sites, I figure on about an hour per yard of mulch. This includes the move to the area and the actual spreading. Sounds like you have done lots more than 'just mulch'. The flagstone portion might be worth a little more than you charged, especially if you put down a compacted base for the stone.
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    With a skid steer three guys better spread more than 30 Cu yds in a day. Our best day spreading mulch was 1500 yds 2 men and a skid steer and my Quad, Ok that was a different story....... but 30 cu yds is only 60 buckets out of my smaller skid steers, we've mulched way more than that in a half day.
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    all i have to do with the flagstone is rip out the old ones and put in the new ones. again, whatever time i spend doing it, and whatever materials i use up. however the stone is in soil and will remain in soil for the time being. and you are right, we have done a lot more than just mulch. we re-did a garden about 150 feet long and at some points 20 feet deep. we pulled out enough garbage to fill up a triaxle about 2 times, once with brush, once with leaves, roots, etc.
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    paul, i hate to say this, but you are full of it. 1500 yards in a day with 2 guys. lol. the mulch blowing trucks i believe can only blow about 100 yards a day, tops. however i dont even think it is that much. and you are saying that 2 guys and a skid steer can move and spread 1500 in a day. hahaha.
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    so,lawnboy82,how much are you,personally,putting into your pocket here.In other words,whats your total profit and on how many days?Did you work on this site too?.....just curious.
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    I think you miss understand something, my Quad moves 16 cu yds at a time. [​IMG]

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    Not being one to criticize anyone but that comment about Paul seemed to be a bit below the belt...also you have 4 laborers and a machine with an operator on this job and it's taking what seems to be a long time......my advice hurry up, finish and get paid before your client wakes up.

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