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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Duck Dodger, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Duck Dodger

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    Just testing the waters. Right now I am an OM for a large landscape instalation company. I run mutiple jobs in the 100,000 to 300,000 $ range. I would like to relocate. Must be within 2 hours of the Ocean.
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    Duck - I don't a position available for you as I am looking for employment at this time. And I'm in NC. I have been an PrdMgr and Branch Mgr for the last 10 years. Can you tell me who you're working for? And did you start there in this position, or did you you work up into it? I'm curious as to how others in these positions get their jobs.

  3. Duck Dodger

    Duck Dodger LawnSite Senior Member
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    No problem, first I would like to say I love my job and the company. I only want to move because I love to surf and Tennessee and surfing are not synonymous. To get to my position I was fortunate to start with a great company. My first job was landscaping a 32 million$ estate. This was not crucial but certainly helped me get things going in a very positive direction. I have worked for two large companies and four years for myself. I have yet to secure a degree in landscape design but have kept myself educated. Finally I did work up to my position but only moved up one position from landscape division head. If you are looking to follow a similar career path ai would find the best company you can, learn how to do things on an elite level and see where you can take yourself. Good luck.

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