West Coast liquid iron- now?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by powerreel, Jan 8, 2001.

  1. powerreel

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    We've been in the 50's and it looks like no freeze or snow this year, grass is looking as if it wants to grow again. Normal years I apply Fe around Feb 9, this year it's looking like Jan 21 what do you all think?
  2. Lance720

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    You may be far enough south to miss is but up in Vancouver we are looking at a possibility of snow on friday.
  3. powerreel

    powerreel Banned
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    Are you way below in rainfall also?
  4. turfman99

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    We don't put on any iron, but with the milder weather and low precp in Novemeber, a lot of our SCU didn't release and washed out. We are putting on some urea sol 33-40-0 this week to try and brng a little green back.

    We want green, not growth. Mowed last week and hit and miss as the weather permits.

    We're about 4 inches under normal for rain the is season.
  5. powerreel

    powerreel Banned
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    Have you tried Wilbur Ellis' winter/fall fert with IBDU? It's kinda spendy but works real good. This rain now makes me think we might be in the drink for a long one in spring. I think I may just take a trip to Seaside and not worry about it, just stick to my regular calander of events and not rush it!

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