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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. OakNut

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    I hate this time of year. too cold for just a tshirt - too hot with a jacket!
    I keep several weights of jackets/denim/flannel shirts in the truck so I can switch as needed.

    I did wear light gloves on and off today. Mostly because I was doing cleanups though.
    I have half a dozen styles of gloves and just choose the one best suited for the job/temperature. After hunting season, I pick up a bunch of clearanced stuff at Wmart from the hunting section.
    Today I wore lightweight gloves that are sort of like jersey gloves, but better material with a more snug fit. I think they are marketed for archery season when it's not really cold, but you want something lightweight for warmth and camouflage, while being thin enough to "feel" through to work your bow.

    For COLD weather, my all time favorite was thermal glove liners (like old long johns material) inside cheap jersey gloves. They keep my hands warm and allow me to move my fingers enough to work in. (I hate thick, winter gloves)
    I can't find those liners any more, so last winter I picked up a ton of "one size fits all" "stretchy" gloves at the dollar store. They aren't worth a damn as "gloves", but work GREAT as liners because they are snug against your fingers and fit under most larger gloves giving you an insulated layer.
  2. Roger

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    Clearly, my response to the cold is much different than some of you. Unless I use gloves to get my equipment loaded, my fingers are numb before even starting the day. Even with my double gloves, the fingers go numb if riding the ZTR or using the W/B for a little while.

    I have mechanics gloves on the inside, and leather gloves on the outside. In my experience, the "insulated" gloves are of little help. The tip on hunting gloves is a good one, and may do that if I find time to get to a store.
  3. 93Chevy

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    Roger, try a set of neoprene ice-fishing gloves. I wear a light set to shovel snow in the winter and spread salt, but a heavier pair might be good for you. The neoprene is waterproof and does a good job at keeping your hands warm without being too bulky.
  4. Roger

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    Wow, long time since anybody posted here. Does that mean we have been wall-to-wall, using the great weather work days trying to finish?

    I've not lost any time since two weeks ago last Friday (will be three weeks tomorrow). Right after the Sandy rainout for four day, nothing but wall-to-wall, until dark every day. The good news is all the time was productive, and I'm in great position with regard to getting all the work done. I have made last-cut on nearly all properties. I still have several that I'm waiting for final leaf drop - some late Maple, Bradford Pear, Sweet Gum.
    Also, I have a couple of days of trimming work - all burning bush on a few properties. Also, I have one full day of cutting down many (and large) ornamental grasses.

    The forecast for Friday does not look very good, Saturday looks very cold. Next week looks promising with days in the 40s, and not much rain. This is the best position I've ever been at this time of the year, usually with a long list of jobs yet to do. This long stretch of good working days has really been welcome.

    Everybody else done, or nearly done?

    I am not working today, but have so much other inside work to catch up this morning, and early afternoon. I'm worn to the bone, so need a bit of relief.
  5. lawnkingforever

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    Two more clean ups and I am done for the year. Hope to do them this week. I have so much office work to do, on top of my November invoicing. I have really slacked off with my office work and maintanence on my equipment towards the end of the season. I can't remember the last time I sharpened my blades. I have to run some numbers, but I think I beat last year's revenue by a touch. Even with the drought, I mowed many yards over 30X because of the early start this year. As I get older the off season seems to go by very fast. Already looking towards next year's game plan.
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  6. OakNut

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    I cut my own lawn today just for something to do.

  7. Roger

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    Not looking for something to do here ... I worked four properties today, one of them 1.8A. I'm able to cross all of them off my list.

    I'm hoping to be able to work most of the week yet. Sweet Gum trees seem to have reached a point of diminishing return. Trees are still 20% populated, but nothing is falling. Bradford Pears are also holding tight.

    Tomorrow sounds cold, maybe even some morning snow. But, Wed, Thu, and Fri look good, as well as Mon, Tue of next week.

    Keepin' on ...
  8. Pressedun

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    I'll be done by the end of the week, only 7 clean ups left that may only be a day and a half of actual work. Been working feverishly to get set up for snow removal. A new used plow that still needs a mount/wiring on truck and a salt spreader that has yet to be ordered. Oh boy!
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  9. Roger

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    I have a JD 717A, with a 19hp Kaw. It is five years old, nearly 1,900 service hours. I am looking for suggestions on a shop to make a repair.

    A few weeks ago, I noticed a drip of oil on the trailer bed. I have kept watching, and learned that it was increasing in drops on the floorboards. It only happened after running, backing it on the trailer. The oil level changed very little, so I knew it was only leaking when operating. The drop in level was very small, meaning no oil needed to be added over 40 hours of use.

    I know that oil leaks don't fix themselves. But, I was hoping to reach the end of the season without having to take it out of service. The oil leak continues to increase. The dripping on the trailer floorboards is more pronounced. I can see a few drops if I let it run while sitting on the pavement.

    I think I am done, or very close to done, using it for 2012 season. I want to get it fixed now, and I don't feel I'm qualified to make the repair. I've always done my own work, but I think this is beyond my capability. I want to get it done before Dec 31 (expense in this taxable year), so want to find a good shop to make the repair. I suspect it is the bottom end oil seal on the crankshaft, but don't know that for certain. All I can see is oil leaking off the frame the engine sits upon.

    Does anybody have experiences with shops in the Pittsburgh area, experiences that are favorable? I have two ideas, maybe four. But, maybe the wisdom of the greater Pittsburgh area folks here can bring more light to the matter.

    I may post something in the Mech & Repair section, attempting to learn of somebody has some ideas. I should have shot some pics yesterday before I put it away, but may do so tomorrow.

    If it was a one-for-one engine swap, I would consider doing the work myself. But, the mechanical repair is beyond me. Maybe I should consider a new engine. I don't know what the repair costs might be. Should I expect to get a fixed price, plus parts, or won't any shop do this? Otherwise, I believe the engine is sound -- uses no oil, starts and runs well, ... but does have 1,900 hours.

    Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. jonny01blaze

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    Alright, going to rack everyone's brains who do snow removal. Up to now I have never had a complaint on rates landscape or snow. I bid a small drive, single wide and two and a half car deep, no walks, 3 1/2 foot retaining walls on either side making it tough to find a place for the snow. I quoted her $30 a push, and she wasn't very pleased. If anyone wants to chime in on what they would charge that would be great! Thanks guys, hope everyone has a profitable season!

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