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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. JimMarshall

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    Question re: sales tax. If I provide service on a property in Pa for a third party out of state, do I have to charge sales tax to that company? I'm assuming so, it would be just like an out of state resident coming into pa and buying mulch, etc or something from a store.....input?
  2. Pressedun

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    Believe companies like that can give you a sales tax exempt form, that's how my subcontracting work is.
  3. Bumpmaster

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    Just mow grass but will give you my wooden nickle.

    When mowing foreclosed lots for banks do you have to collect sales tax?

    I would think that for every property that is cut commercially in PA, the state wants someone to collect the sales tax an give it to them.
  4. 93Chevy

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    Sales tax needs to be collected, but only once. If the third party collects the tax, then you don't need to. If they don't, then you need to.
  5. Roger

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    Question for those in SW PA, ...

    Have you seen Japanese Beetles this Summer? What about grubs? Have you seen any grub/turf damage?

    My answer to all questions: None. I recall in past years seeing the turf damage from skunks, raccoons, etc. digging out grubs starting to happen about September 5-10. I've seen no turf damage, either from grubs, or from those critters tearing up turf to get to them. Dormant this season?

    What say you?
  6. OakNut

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    I saw a beetle at some point, but don't recall when.
    I don't look for grubs. They creep me out. ;)

    Several of my clients near woods have little divots throughout the lawns, so...
  7. Pressedun

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    Some grubs but not nearly as bad as previous years, been a good year for landscapers here in western PA.
  8. juspayme

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    very true pressedun, very true
  9. Turboguy

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    I would say yes, you do need to charge sales tax. You mentioned someone coming into PA and buying stuff. That is taxable. If they buy from out of state and the merchandise is shipped, it is not taxable. But if they pick it up in PA it is taxable. I know that one for sure. It cost me a ton of money in a sales tax audit.

    It is sort of like when I provide my services in Beaver county I charge 6% sales tax. When I work in Allegheny Co I charge 7%. It is where the services or materials are provided that is important.
  10. Pressedun

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    Looking to fill a laborer position in Gibsonia, any help in referring anyone is greatly appreciated. May even be looking for 2 guys.
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