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    I would take an Echo from Home Depot over a Stihl homeowner model any day of the week. I currently have an Echo PAS 266 with the straight edger and a Stihl FS70. The FS70 is the lowest comercial trimmer they made when I bought it 2 years ago.

    Not sure what you feed your two strokes, but I feed all of mine AvGas and Stihl HP Ultra at 50:1 and have never had to even pull a spark plug on anything. If you can swing the $$ seriously look into the Echo PAS 266 or the 280 if need more power. I have a straight shaft trimmer attachment for the 266 that has never been used, as it is the backup for the FS70. I plan on getting the hedge trimmer and 3ft extension for it in the spring too.
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    Thanks for the input.

    I had considered the Echo PAS units a while back because I THINK that Echo has one or two more usable attachments (for me) than Stihl offers with the Kombi system. I just never found myself needing the gadgets enough to justify the expense. Of the crappy homeowner attachments I have, the pole pruner and the hedge trimmer have seen the most use. Since I already have an articulating hedge trimmer attachment for my FS90R, I don't use the crappy one for more than risky work that would damage my good trimmer.
    I plan on getting a dedicated pole pruner next season.

    I don't know what AvGas is, but I use the silver bottle Stihl Ultra oil. I use regular, gas for the most part. I tried buying mid grade most of this season though.

    I posted a few personal items for sale this evening and will now have enough to cover 2/3 of the cost of a new FS90R in the morning, so that's good.
  3. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    AvGas is air plane fuel. aka 100 low lead or 100LL. It is high octane leaded fuel that is 100% pure gas. no ethanol no extra crap, and VERY tightly controlled for consistently and has a shelf life of over 2 years. The octane isn't needed but the quality of the fuel and lack of ethanol is what makes it great for small engines. It is available at most air fields, I buy mine at the Finleyville municipal airport for $5.75/ gal. Sure its expensive but its a nominal increase when I consider how.many gallons of 2 stroke fuel I burn, and the reliability that it offers is worth it to me. The cost of the fuel is cheaper than replacing a Carb a year on my equipment like so many here seem to be doing.

    Not sure where you in the area but its available at Finleyville airport, Butler municipal and Allegheny county airport. If you want to come down to Finleyville to get some, I'll be more than happy to have you over for a beer. I'm 5 minutes away from the airport.
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    Good news. They got her running this morning.
    Adjusted the valves and changed the plug while I waited.
    Got pricing in new stuff. now I dont have to rush into this and can plan my purchase. Still want to get a new one for next season and use this one as a backup.
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    :waving: :drinkup:
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    Frick on a stick - I was wearing SHORTS last week!!!
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    Snow in st clair today...great working weather.
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    I was in Edgewood around 2 and wet snow started falling. AAAAAHHHH!!!

    Then again later. Each was only for a few moments though.

    I hate this weather because I'm cold with no "jacket" and hot with one on.

    I did wear some thin gloves today on my pansy hands. :D
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    Well, for me, the most miserable day of the Fall season. Having said that, it was very productive. I am pleased at how much I accomplished -- every property had leaf issues to handle before mowing. The breeze was very stiff, but was only a problem at the last property. All others were w/b mulching, then a second pass with big mower. I only took off one small tarp full of leaves.

    Two shirts, three sweatshirts, insulated vest, long underwear, double gloves ... sweating when pulling/pushing the wheeled blower, and the w/b work, freezing myself stiff as a board when riding the ZTR, and working with numb fingers all day. Three snow showers, with the last one at 5:30. When I got on my ZTR, slush was on the seat. I'm not sure my backside was warm enough to melt it. The breeze died off quickly after the last one, but as the sun set, the temps seem to drop, the air was damp, and the turf was wet. Glad to get into the pickup!

    Out at 8:30, loaded at last stop at 7:00 in the dark. I need two more good productive days tomorrow and Saturday.

    Oh yes, I put my work shorts in the laundry yesterday, thinking the season for wearing them is over.
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    I mowed 0 lawns today. But I drove like 10 zero turns
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