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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Pressedun

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    Absolutely, if it warms up a bit I have a few I can do without the leaf loader, otherwise it's a wrap.
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  2. Pressedun

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    I can vouch for that, I am their sub for all their mowing. Can't say enough about them, it's an absolute joy to work on their properties and contribute to beautiful landscapes!
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  3. Pressedun

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    Oh boy, wrong thread.
  4. 93Chevy

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    For sure. Even if some of the work, like waddling around in mud all day, is frustrating, at the end of the day it's great to work with a great team of people who care about the work.

    Plus the paychecks are great as well. :laugh::laugh:
  5. keithg10

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    Hey im looking for a cheap truck to start my business with next spring, 3k or less I just want to make it last till I get a good amount of accounts because I would have to finance anything more than that and I know not to play with money you "plan" on making.
    Also, i already posted before, but I really curious about how to start up and be legit and legal. I have ideas on everything else and how to advertise and all the works. I plan on buying new stihl kombi system and a back pack blower and a used push mower and thats it. I can borrow and find all the other tools I need around my house and grandparent's.

    But I want my legal papers done, and done right.

    Okay so here is what I know:

    I plan to file and name forum and get 500k gen liability or maybe a mil, I will get a quote after Christmas and see what is affordable.

    Now my questions: What does it mean to be licensed, How do I get a Doing Business as? I don't think an LLC is a good idea to start with in my opinion.

    Also from reading on the site I don't expert many customers my first few years and I don't see the need for a trailer if I have nothing big to pull right now, so will I need commercial insurance on my truck because I plan on lettering it also I as a normal pittsburgher I park my vehicles on the street at my house. Problem is I am 19 and insurance is expensive! And what the heck do I do about paying taxes on money made?

    Also if I do any chainsaw work or retaining walls (very small jobs, no climbing trees or walls over a few feet, even 2) and I don't think any jobs will ever be over 5k in my early years haha, but do I need special legal things for that type of work?

    But I mainly plan on mowing,trimming,blowing, flower beds, small mulching (no trailer...) and small clean ups.

    Any advice will be helpful. Plus college classes end soon and I will have plenty of time to get things sorted.
  6. jonny01blaze

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    Just getting caught up with the thread here...I am glad to hear I'm not the only one with work left to do and no good days to do it on. Hopefully will get everything wrapped up in the next couple weeks. Still need to service everything and get it stored for the Winter.

    Very profitable year though so far and looking forward to a great Winter Season, best of luck to those of you who do winter work as well.
  7. Turboguy

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    I will answer the part about the DBA. Most any lawyer can help you with this and you can probably do it on your own but I have never tried. I have a feeling if you go on the PA state site you can download the forms and file them yourself.

    Basically you are applying to use a "Fictitious Name" which sounds dishonest but it isn't. If you just operate under your own name you don't need this but if you want to operate as Kieth's Mowing Service or Kieth's Landsacping then that is a fictitious name. You need to register that with the state and a notice needs to be advertised in two newspapers.

    I have filed for a fictitious name using a lawyer and on another occasion incorporated in PA doing all the paperwork myself. I found it no more difficult to do it myself and it is a lot cheaper.

    If this were a year from now I would have a great truck for you in the price range you want but not quite ready yet.
  8. 93Chevy

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    We're looking for winter laborers. Only qualifications are a good attitude and willing to get dirty. Any leads would be helpful.

    Also looking for 1-2 more crew leaders by early spring as well.
  9. jonny01blaze

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    I'm in a jam, one of my plowing subs has taken on too much work this season including what I give them. Does anyone know of, or interested in doing, 1 drive for me in the Dormont area? They are a personal friend and is out of my plow area or I would just lump it in with my others.
  10. planetlc

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    I haven't posted in awhile... I'm not out that but the plan is after snow I'm done. Had our first little one a month ago, and decided a different job would make it easier to spend time with my family. As of now, looks like I'll be a full time college football coach at a d3 school in the area. Hopefully you all had a merry Christmas and produce winter thus far!

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