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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. OakNut

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    I'll trade you straight up for a stray dog we just put $1,200 into.


    Just kidding. You can't have her - she's a keeper. :)


    She's partly the reason I didn't buy some of the new equipment I was planning on buying this spring. It's OK though - she needed a home and someone to tend to her medical needs more than I needed new stuff.
    We found her back in October (on Halloween) and ever since there hasn't been a time I've glanced at her that didn't make me smile.
    Pets are good for one's soul.
  2. JimsLocalLawn

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    So who among us uses door hangers? I just got my door hangers in the mail and they look GREAT! Anybody hear that story on WPXI about that guy putting door hangers out (in pittsburgh) and was fined $500?

    Right now I'm trying to deliver 2500 door hangers in the course of 5 days. Really a daunting task - but planning it out with google maps. I originally planned on just waiting and using them on the streets where I pick up new accounts - now I'm getting more aggressive about it. Targeting a specific town, and plastering them all over the place.

    Still no growth yet, been getting calls for clean ups - got 2 estimates to do tomorrow.

    Cute dog btw!
  3. LawnMan19

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  4. billythekid

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    Jim try using craigslist (carefully). Sometimes you get a good lead. Also i think door hanging wise I don't know anybody who has done much past flyers. I would use them on places where you have accounts to keep a tight route.

    I don't know where you're at in Pittsburgh
  5. Roger

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    I've been out working for about two weeks. I've finished a couple of cleanup jobs, and one large mulching job. The mulching job included clearing about about 3,500 sq ft of beds, cutting "hundreds" of feet of new edges -- all beds that had no work in over 10 years. There was lots of grass sod to take out with a mattox, then wheelbarrowed away. Also, the beds had lots of sucker shoots of trees. Diplomaticallyl put, the beds were in horrible shape. The hauling and spreading of 18 cu yds of mulch was the easy part. But, that job is finished -- now have a couple of more cleanups scheduled and a tractor PM. I expect to have at least two more tractor PM jobs. My first one was two weeks ago.

    I spent part of Saturday visiting my mowing properties, picking up sticks, cutting low hanging branches, cutting off briars that have overgrown edges of wooded areas, etc. I still have a bunch of these tasks to finish. What I found is some Winter damage (broken bushes, deer damage), but little, to none, green growth on tlhe turf. In 2012, I had mowed over 50 properties by March 31. In 2012, my wife had small daffodils out by March 12, out by March 25 in 2013. These same daffodils have buds, but they aren't even full buds yet. My assessment: 2014 will be a later start than 2013.

    The weather looks favorable for most of the week.
  6. Pressedun

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    You need a soliciting permit to hang door hangers or go door to door, be careful.

    I don't really advertise much anymore, just a weekly ad on Craigslist... Most of mine is either sub contract work or word of mouth, best problem to have.

    Really excited to get rolling this week, got some monster mulch jobs lined up for the season ranging from 20 to 170 yards per job.

    Good luck this year guys, work hard and I'll see you all in a few months.
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  7. JimsLocalLawn

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    So I am working on setting up my trailer today. I got a couple pressure treated 2 x 4 's and some pressure treated 3/4" plywood. I'm thinking of building a box for the front of the trailer for misc things like gas cans n such. Anybody ever attempt this?

    I also have some angle iron so I can build it out of steel.....maybe a mix of both. I need a basket in the front of the trailer for gas can's, handheld blower, and possibly something to hang the backback blower on.

    Anybody have any idea's shoot em my way! Looks like the weather got me stuck in the garage today!

    Saw's ready.... fire away with idea's!
  8. billythekid

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    I made a divider for my trailer out of 2x6s just make sure if your mower is going to run into it that you reinforce it with the steel.
  9. Pressedun

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    I have a plastic tongue bin I keep gas cans in, cheap and leaves more trailer deck space.
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  10. OakNut

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    I always wondered why nobody ever came up with "bolt-on" storage compartments/cages that could mount to the outside of the trailer along the sides.
    I mean, the tires/fenders extend out past the sides - why not use the space in front of/behind the fenders too?

    I saw someone on the forum make a small box that was mounted to the side. I said I was going to do something like it, but never did get around to it.

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