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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. planetlc

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    Let me say this now. The majority of my equipment list is still for sale, however my father is helping with sales and may have deals working as well. I have zero interest in people trying to call me out for lying. I no longer work in the area and need add much assistance moving the equipment as possible. So if we can all be the grown men we are that'd be much appreciated. The metro is sold.
  2. Pressedun

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    Mike, did the bagger go with it? If not I'll pay good money for it.
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  3. JimsLocalLawn

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    No trailer today! Took out just the basics to see if I could finish with just the essentials..... let me say I will never do that again :laugh:

    I will say the Honda mulches great on weekly growth, but when it gets thick it tends to windrow the clippings into a glob of goop leaving a trail of mess behind the left tire. But the productivity was terrible. Really pushed myself just to finish 8 lawns. To be fair it was storming this morning so I didn't start until 11 am and finished around 5 pm. The nice thing about the Honda is it's weight.... it's so lightweight I can easily lift it into and out of the truck bed without ramps.

    Pretty bad when you miss a belt drive walk behind :hammerhead:

    Bitter cold today as well - I noticed there are still some people who have YET to cut the lawn, with very little growth.... WTF is going on here!?!?


  4. OakNut

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    Wednesdays and Tursdays are my "no trailer" days when I'm working close to the city. The only time it's tough is early spring when some lawns need bagged, or if I want to do a cleanup while I'm there mowing - I don't have room for too much debris to haul away.
    Aside from that, it's worked out good for me. I schedule my larger properties on Mondays and Fridays and drag the trailer out then with my 36" mower.

    BTW my Toro SR4 will also leave a trail as you described when it's too tall to mulch properly. It doesn't "glob", but leaves a thin row of clippings almost the width of the wheel. It can easily be blown away later, but it is annoying. Spring growth - whatch'a gonna do?

    And yeah, the grass growth is pretty "all over the place". I have people who are cheap and want to wait, but I also have people who are fine with me starting "whenever", and their grass is disturbingly "absent".
    I can't believe I'm starting this late and having very little trouble mulching instead of bagging.
  5. JimsLocalLawn

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    I think Obamacare broke the economy...
  6. McG_Landscaping

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    Mike I'd still like to grab those trimmers. Maybe sunday? I'll call you tomorrow.

    Is anyone else running around like a chicken with their head cut off? I'm down 2 employees for 2 more weeks. I can't wait until they start
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  7. 93Chevy

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    It's only getting worse....
  8. Pressedun

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    Balls to the wall, better watch out or you won't be able to produce offspring.

    23 lawns in today, slamming it down and getting her done. That makes 48 this week with about 20 to go on Saturday. Running around after work doing estimates, putting in the 8 to 8 days this week. Bring on July already!
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  9. planetlc

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    Sounds good Scott. I'll be in a meeting from 10-1130ish
  10. Bumpmaster

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    Do the lawns need cut yet :confused:

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