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Hot out there?

I'm at the garage spending money on truck repairs.
Came for state inspection, stayed for the multitude of needed repairs! Ugh.
At least I know the mechanic and he's not screwing me doing things needlessly.
And I get to hang out in the garage and watch the repairs and BS while he does them.

One rear trailing arm had snapped.
Then he discovered the frame where it mounts to was rotted away, so he had to weld a plate in there to patch that up and mount the replacement control arm.

The battery died yesterday after my first job.
Had my wife come meet me to jump start it, then I headed to my next job and called AAA to have them come test it and see if it needed a battery swap. HE said it looks like it may be the starter, but I doubt it. He left without replacing the battery.

Since the truck was going in for inspection today I had my guy look and his tester said "replace battery" when he checked the system.
The good news is that he looked at the date on my battery and can pro rate it for a replacement under warranty. He just happened to have the exact same battery at the garage that wasn't needed last week for a different customer.
$90 vs the $150 from AAA and other places I checked prices at.

That's the only good news. The rest is all front end repairs - upper ball joints and bushings. Oh, and a new muffler too.

3541 - 3560 of 3565 Posts