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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. johnnyhd

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    Hi everyone. I thought I'd introduce myself since I've been checking out the forums for a while now but have never posted.

    My name is John and started my own company this spring. My full-time job is a health and PE teacher but have been landscaping in the summers for four years. I decided this year it would be best to start my own company and work for myself.

    I currently only mow around 8 lawns and service the a-k valley. I also do mulch and trim work. I'll include some images of my sample work when I figure out how to make the file sizes of my pictures smaller.
  2. JimsLocalLawn

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    16 accounts scheduled tomorrow, and still 5 estimates pending. Everybody wants done before memorial day!

    I took today off because they were calling for horrendous weather conditions, even a Tornado warning! WTF weatherman on crack?

    The thing is 2 of the properties are severely overgrown. One is 1 acre I bid at $200 first cut, and $100 weekly there after - the other is 3/4 acre I bid at $200 first cut, and $80 weekly after that. Won both accounts but overgrown properties take time. I have a mower dedicated to knocking down the growth, it's a backup mower so I don't care what happens to it. But it takes a lot of time to get lawns like that in acceptable shape since I'm not bagging any of it - will post before and after photo's.

    I'm taking out 2 helpers tomorrow hopefully can get all 16 lawns done. Not possible to get them all done by myself. If I manage to get them done it will free up my weekend for those 5 new customers who want cut. Worth paying for helpers on days like that - told them all the first cut is a minimum of $50 ($100 if overgrown) because of the coming holiday and the fact that I'm so booked up. All agreed that's fair and all the lawns are under a 1/4 acre.

    Whats odd if half my customers want me to cut on Monday - the other half doesn't. Not sure yet what I'm going to do about that.
  3. OakNut

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    At 2:30 were you on a road beginning with an "S"?
    Had to be you. I slowed down, but didn't see anyone.

    I was gonna show you my new TimeMaster mower and make you jealous. LOL
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    You talkin about Thursday my Man? Yep, that was probably me. :drinkup:
  5. Bumpmaster

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  6. OakNut

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    No, Friday. On one of those "national park" named roads.
    I'm up on Rushmore on Fridays.

    Next time I'll just spray paint "OakNut was here" on your truck. :p
  7. Bumpmaster

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    At 2:30 I was in Penn Hills. Not real sure of the road names however.
  8. planetlc

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    Anyone interested in a 6' Gill Pulverizer? 3 pt implement. Used it on a 35 HP JD 4410 CUT. Posting on craigslist for 1200. Will sell for less to someone from here. Gonna clean it up some still


  9. JimsLocalLawn

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    Just curious how many of you don't take on new customers? I've been hearing this a lot recently from people calling for estimates.
  10. Roger

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    I took on a couple of new ones before the season started, replacements for spaces lost through real estate sales over the Winter. But, since the mowing season started, I've turned down many, many opportunities. I simply do not have any more hours in the work week.

    It is a balance: How many customers, and how much slack time in the schedule to account for weather interruptions.

    Having my equipment sit on the trailer because there is no more work (not enough customers) is a financial waste. On the other hand, not being able to service the customers on my list, without a significant delay is another thing. How to balance? My goal is to always get all work finished by end of day, Saturday. Last Saturday, it was 8:00 pm, but I covered all properties. The week before, I failed. I had a few that spilled over into the next week. For me, this is bad business. But, we had so many rain delays, I just could not get around to all of them.

    My slack time is built into Friday and Saturday schedules. Every other day is fully packed out. Today's rainout, and probably some delays tomorrow, will mean most, if not, all the slack time will be sopped up.

    I'm not sure that answered your question. But, just like the past many years, there are many, many turn-downs after the season starts.

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