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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Once you're at capacity, that's it. There's only so may hours in a day.

    I've taken on a few this season to replace a couple clients that had moved and such, and was able to add a few that happened to be right on an existing route, but beyond that, I can't just take everyone who calls. (and I don't WANT everyone who calls. LOL)

    The luxury of a full schedule is being choosy. No more crap lawns. No more dead-end, trailering nightmares, no more anything I don't feel like dealing with.
    On top of that the axe will be dropping on a few at the end of this season - if not sooner. Don't want to hold up your end of the agreement and clean up the dog poo? Buh and BYE! Don't want to go weekly until the mad spring growth stops? Start looking for someone else.
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    I am not accepting any new business now. I am barely getting done my current accounts. In fact I dropped 3 yards last week. I am also raising prices this billing cycle to weed out a few more. I have turned down more work this season than ever before. I have mulch jobs lined up for the next 2 months.
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  3. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    Same here. I don't have much time left for new accounts. A mulch job here and there sure, but weekly mowing is about full. With the weather this week, I'm 2 days behind right now as it is and I'm already booked for the weekend. I wouldn't have to work weekends mowing if the weather working in my favor, but I'll take this instead of drought any day of the week.

    Lawn king, are you in Venetia with a box truck? I think I saw you in Finleyville weds
  4. lawnkingforever

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    Not me. I only do business in northern allegheny county. I run an f 250 and enclosed trailer. I pulled up to a few yards today and became mentally ill. Even after 5 days between service they were high. Mowing maybe steady money but this time of year it sucks. I would sub out my entire route if I could. Next year there will be changes. I am focusing on snow and installs, let everyone else make the peanuts
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    Tell me about it. I'm a relative noob but this seems to be the most rapid spring growth in the last 5 years. Weekly cuts look like they have been skipped and it's taking WAY too much time trying to get them done.

    No offense to you guys who do chem apps, but I'd like to punch the Scott's guys right in the nuts. ENOUGH with the fertilizing already!
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    Stuff still for sale pictured below! It's all listed on craigslist. Will have trailer, JD 647, and Bad Boy pup up soon!







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    I'm ready to get out of mowing all together. It's a nightmare, been cutting for 11 years now and have never seen growth like this in that entire time.

    Moisture with fertilizers with warm weather makes our lives a living hell.
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    Just did my invoices for may. I had a record month. But I still raised prices for many customers. Since Monday is my lightest mowing day I will be now mowing some of my Thursday yards on monday and Thursday to keep the lawns under control. 7 days between mowings is simply too much for some yards. Hopefully I can finish my yards today and do some mulch jobs over the weekend. All of my mowers need blades sharpened and decks scraped once again. I am sick of it
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    Northern butler county and mercer county here. New to the forum.
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    Laughing my arse off at the screen name. :laugh:

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