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    10:45 pm Thread deleted. LOL

    This forum cracks me up.
    Light-hearted humor is frowned upon. Can't even joke about the never-ending use of "shoot" in posts when they are talking about a "CHUTE".

    MUST DELETE! Can't offend!!! LOL
  2. OakNut

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    This ole hack just picked up a biweekly $30/cut that took exactly 3 minutes to mow with a 21" mower. It was about the size of my living room/dining room. LOL!

    I forgot to time the entire job, but I can't think it was more than 15 minutes from the time I turned off the ignition to the time I started the truck again. It's also about 50' from a cluster of 4 homes I already mow.
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  4. OakNut

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    Tell me about it.

    My wife sez I should be ashamed of myself for robbing those people like that. LOL

    Another biweekly I picked up took me a documented 15 min total today - second time I've been on the property. $42/cut
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  5. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    At 6:46am? Come on... my alarm goes off at 4:15am at 6:46am, I'm at work with a pot of coffee about finished. ;-)
  6. JimsLocalLawn

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    Anybody ever run doubles on their walk behinds? Just curious
  7. Roger

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    I did for a short time, many years ago. Ten years ago, LS was filled with threads about "doubles," and it was the rage. I suspect most LCOs were running doubles.

    But, the fad has gone away. It has been a long time since I read a thread about doubles.

    I didn't feel it was helpful for me. I run an Exmark Viking, 36" fixed deck. I ran a low-lift Gator on the top, and a standard hi-lift on the bottom. Two things: (1) It takes lots more power to run, (2) The discharge force is increased considerably.

    I think I concluded I was more interested in "cut once, out the chute" than attempting to leave smaller clippings. The quality of cut wasn't quite as good, as the combination left a small strip down the middle (air flow under the deck was disturbed). I know that many were running doubles because they wanted finer clippings. I am not as strongly interested in smaller clippings, as I am in even distribution of cliippings. It was not that the double blades made for a better, or worse, distribution. But, the necessity was not there for me.

    It seemed clear the upper blade (Gator in my case) was not doing much cutting on the sharp edge. The blade showed little sign of getting dull, which told me it was not doing much cutting. Yes, the teeth were shiny, but having the teeth make smaller clippings was not an issue for me.

    Unless somebody has been arouind LS for several years, finding others that ran doubles may be difficult, ... don't know.

    Does that help answer your question?
  8. JimsLocalLawn

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    Yes. I did some reading up on lawnsite and everybody seemed to have mixed results. Yet I look at Honda's dual blade system on the 21" mower and am blown away. They don't stack them in a "X" pattern and there is a half inch distance between the cutting blades. I've had nothing but superior results with mulching with my Honda in comparison to any 21" mower I have ever used. I've used deep dome decks, flat top decks, hi lift, low lift, and gator blades in almost all variety yet NONE match the mulching capabilities of the little Honda.

    Don't get me wrong - my walk behind does great. I'm running the g5 blades and it's the typical 36" fixed deck walk behind deck design. No front baffles so a few "longer" strands seem to sneak their way through. Plenty of power and no complaints just trying to improve upon it.

    I guess what I desire doesn't exist yet. One pass in heavy growth seeking perfection without bagging the lawn.

    I don't like to bag, and often have to double-cut to get perfection... and I know I'm not alone. I'm picky and was curious if anybody local had success with running doubles. I have 6 extra blades for my walk behind and got curious - that's all. TY for the quick response tho!
  9. Roger

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    I agree with your comments about the Honda. I have an HRX217, with double blades. But, the design is far different than an X-pattern with two standard blades on a w/b mower. I do much mulching with my Honda, but also some bagging. It bags well, although it does not pick clean. However, I'm plenty fine with how well it does pick.

    This morning was a real challenge. Overnight rain left the grass very wet. The humidity was at 100% for the first couple of hours, and mostly cloudy, and no breeze. The droplets hung around for a long time. I had four yards in a row to do. After trimming out all four, with the moisture flying in all directions, I was left, "now what can I do?" I knew the ZTR was not going to work well with very heavy growth. I knew my w/b was going to do better, but not much. So, I turned to the Honda and bagged off a front yard that I always bag off. Despite still being very wet, the bagging went well. After the 45 minutes or so of Honda work, things started to dry off a bit, then I moved to the w/b for some work, and finally the ZTR for the large areas. The ZTR left the ugly result -- still clippings left from mowing wet last week. Mowing wet again today will only make the matter worse next week. Hopefully, I can have a dry operation, and get rid of some of the clippings. These were cases for the w/b and ZTR that "cut once, and out," was the ONLY strategy. Trying to cut up clippings would have only made the results worse, with nothing but green wads.
  10. OakNut

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    I'm 100% blown away with how well my new TimeMaster is mulching all sorts of grass. I NEVER thought it would do this well.

    I'm "this close" to saying it does better than my Ferris to be honest with you.

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