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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Yep, I was born in New Castle, my mothers side of the family was from there but I grew up about 12 miles south of there.
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    The beer is even better. :cool2::drinkup:
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    I go to the surrounding areas a few times a year. There's a few waterfalls around which I like to photograph
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    As I started working on one of my properties today, the owner came out to ask about piles of soil around the edge of the sidewalk, and a short distance from the edge. The piles seem like moles at work. There are four or five piles, all fresh within the past couple of days.

    I suggested it was moles, moles that are feeding on grubs. I've worked this property for 17(?) years. She has had the same application service for 20 years. I asked about grub protection. She was not sure, but went back inside, and later came out with a slip from the applicator, June 4, 2014, showing fertilizer and grub control (more expensive than the fert). In all the years I've worked this property, I've never seen any evidence of grub damage, or critters doing damage going after grubs.

    What does the braintrust here think? The front yard has always looked very good -- aeration every season, five apps per year, and me cutting (how much better could it get? :laugh:

    I shot pics of all the piles and one with the tape on the height. Each appears to be about 3 inches.

    If you know the cause, then what is the remedy? The owner is upset -- "Pay for grub protection, ... not working." I reminded her that the protection has worked all previous years, and to wait for the applicator to make an assessment.

    What do you say?






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    Definitely moles... They're meat eaters so they'll not only eat grubs but worms and other small things in soil. Grub control isn't the end all answer to getting rid of them.
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    Moles also eat earthworms, which is a big problem on one of our properties. We're working with our turf company to come up with a solution, still waiting to hear the long term effects of their experiment. I'll let you know of the results when I find out.
  7. Roger

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    Thanks for the replies. I didn't realize earthworms were a big part of the diet.

    I did some research on eradication methods. Only one that suggested moth balls was different from all others -- trap them. In other words, trap (either by death, or live) seems to be the only way. I've given the customer the name/number of a man in the area who deal with call kinds of wildlife, but mostly groundhogs. If they don't want to deal with the traps, maybe he does this work too.

    I wonder why the area of infestation is restricted to only one place. Perhaps the very wet ground in recent weeks has given a good welcome to earthworms. But, somehow, this critter found a place to take residence.

    There is another area on the same property that has some vole activity. They do not make piles, rather simple raised areas, mostly right along concrete sidewalks, or concrete driveway. Vole do not leave their mark nearly the same wayas the mole.

    Anybody else with a good suggestion on eradication?
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    Ah o.k. I do enjoy the summer an skipping lawns from time to time. :cry:
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    Not sure why I shower in the morning. I could just take a bar of soap with me and wash up while I'm working.

    Frickin frackin rain... (grumble grumble)
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    I lost work time from about 11:15 to 2:00. I pushed hard after I resumed, and finished by dark what I had scheduled.

    Tomorrow's forecast does not sound good ...

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