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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. OakNut

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    Picked up my Ferris this morning and was able to get caught up today.

    Fast service - dropped off end of the day on Tuesday and got the call mid day Friday that it was ready.
    On top of that, he thinks he fixed my hydro fluid leak and did that at no charge. (initially quoted price for new seals and need to remove transmission, but he thinks that wasn't necessary)

    When he called with quotes to do the pulley assembly and hydro leak, I told him I couldn't afford both since I have all these truck repairs to do now - "Just do the pulley and I'll keep topping off the oil", I said.
    So far so good today. Didn't notice any leaking.
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  2. Bumpmaster

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    Anywho heading out early tomorrow?
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  3. OakNut

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    If my Ark is complete by then, yes.
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  4. OakNut

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    Speaking of the rain...

    I got behind on Thursday because of the two rounds of rain that came through. On Friday I was able to catch up on most of them, but it still left me pushing 3 Friday cuts to Saturday.
    A 40 minute (with 36") cut, a 20 minute (with 21") cut, and a 35 minute (with 21") cut.

    Well, it rained all Friday night and into Saturday, only stopping for maybe an hour around 2pm. I decided I had to just suck it up and go try and get the three cuts done - even if it started to sprinkle.

    I get to the first one (40 minute cut) and I'm committed to getting it done - even if I have to use the 21" (the 36" has a mulch kit installed and won't cut well in wet grass) and spend an hour and a half - it needs cut, and it will be a nightmare if I have to wait a week.

    The owner comes out and says "It's too saturated to mow!" (whatever that means)
    I explained that it's not ideal, and I'd rather cut it when dry, but I won't have another chance to cut until the following week - and by then it will be too tall if it's not cut now.

    Well, she again stated that "it's too saturated", and "I don't know how you can cut it like this". (wet grass? really?)

    "Alright", I said, and I left.
    I was not happy. I had no desire to mow that huge lawn when wet, using a 21" mower, but it needed done, and I was willing to suck it up, and do the job - and she wouldn't let me.

    She doesn't do it often - maybe twice last season, but I'm done being told to "skip it". She's going to have to find someone else next season.
    I needed that money and I was willing to work in crappy conditions for it. I was pretty upset about it and I rarely get upset about this sort of thing - mostly because I've stopped working for people who say "skip it this week".

    I got the 20 minute cut done, but the other job had to be skipped. It started raining pretty hard. I sat and waited to see if it would slow down, but that didn't happen and the Doppler showed a mass of green/yellow over the entire region, so I went home.
  5. Bumpmaster

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    Monsoon season over here
  6. OakNut

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    Supposed to stop raining around noon tomorrow. Then again on Thursday.

    Every year there's a "ran day" - that one day that it always seems to rain.
    This year it's been Monday AND Thursday.
  7. OakNut

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    Taking advantage of the non-stop rain to sink more money into truck repairs today, while at the same time not making any money because it's raining.

    I love my life.
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  8. sjessen

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    Doing your part to keep the economy going!
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  9. OakNut

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    Get this... the woman who wouldn't let me cut her crappy lawn because it was "too saturated"? (again, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean)

    She texted today (I mow her lawn on Fridays - today is Thurs) and said "I mowed my lawn today, so hopefully it will be a good height for you next week."

    So She screws me out of two weeks pay, back to back? If she were not a friend of another very good client, I think I would simply tell her to find someone else, but as it stands, I will need to remain civil - and drop her next season.
    She had me skip a week in early spring as well, so this is three total, or $120. I haven't had to deal with this crap since my first year doing this.
  10. Bumpmaster

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    Hey oak nuts , you oot mowing yet?

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