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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by 93Chevy, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Heh. I was just about to get out of the truck when it started to rain.
    At first I thought, "Oh well, it will probably feel good" - then it started to POUR.
    I waited and waited and it kept getting worse. Then it stopped and I thought I'd try cutting - and it started again - same thing - HARD.

    Went home. Got stuck in rush hour detour traffic due to a downed tree.
    Forgot I had a 39 gal trash bag in the trash can in the trailer. Only half a grass catcher worth of grass in the bag, but I could barely lift it out because of all the rainwater that had gone in. Poked a hole in the bottom so it will drain. LOL
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  2. OakNut

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    I hope we don't get more rain because three of the ones I didn't get to today are complete swamps when it rains - even the 21" is too heavy in a lot of spots.
    If I didn't need the money, I'd just drop them because I can't "wait for them to dry up" when it rains every other day.
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    The ground has dried out in my area, much drier than any time in the past couple of months. One I mowed this morning has a very wet spot. I have sometimes skipped it, other times pushed through with my 21" hand mower (making it all rutted). Today, it was not even soft, but very rough from all my previous ruts ;-) .

    So far, I have not seen enough rain to make much difference in ground conditions, just wet grass in the morning.

    Yesterday was a picture perfect mowing day - great conditions, good grass growth, dry. I left several properties looking the best they have in a long time (especially the wet of last Wed and Thur).
  4. OakNut

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    These ones I mentioned have drainage issues of some sort. They need a minimum of 3 days before they dry up. Two are new accounts this season, but one I've been mowing for 4 years or so and it's just now a problem.
    I used to use my 36" there, but it's not possible now. At least it's a small, city lot in Squirrel Hill so using a 21" isn't a big deal.
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    How Yinz handling this first round of heat, with grass as green as can be?
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  6. OakNut

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    ON-BOARD WATER BOTTLE for hydration? CHECK!!!



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    May not work on your mower but I am using a long screwdriver on my Timemaster. Works slick.
  9. OakNut

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    I'm working on something (in my head) to mount a bracket with eye hooks or small pulleys or something, to route a length or rope, or bungee, so I can pull from the handle to lift the side cover when needed - leaving it spring loaded so when I release it, the flap closes again.
    The problem is the angle needed to get the cover to open due to the spring pressure that keeps it closed.

    Maybe one day I'll figure something out, but for now the bungee cord does what I need when I have to side discharge.
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    Hey guys, My name is Cameron and i'm from Pittsburgh. I specifically work in the South Hills area. I've had my own company for only a couple of years. I recently created my own youtube channel because I wanted to document my journey so I have something to look back on and watch my company grow, I just made it a few days ago and I already have a couple of videos up. Just looking for some support and was wondering if any of you guys have a youtube channel as well? Please check it out and would love your guys support! Thank you.

    My channel is Fetter Landscaping.

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