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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EDEN77, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Anyone out there attending the W PA Turfgrass Conference at the Pittsburgh Expo Mart this week ?
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    I was there today (9:00 to 3:30), but was very disappointed. In talking with some exhibitors who have been there for years, we agreed that the trade show part is about 20% of what it was five years ago. The reason cited for diminishing exhibits is the cost of space. Somebody quoted me costs for the same exhibit space, for a show held in the same place, recently -- the price was more than double for the Turf Conference. Many of the exhibitors I saw last year were NOT there this year.

    The only commercial mowing equipment I recall seeing:

    Country Clipper

    No Scag, Hustler, Deere, Toro, the entire Stihl trailer that has been there in the past was not there. One large retailer who always has had a large booth with a variety of equipment and good people to talk with -- gone.

    There was even a dearth of golf course equipment from past shows. Other vendors that included chemical products, and other turf products were there, ones who had not been there in the past.

    I did attend the Mechanics Workshop, most of it. It was devoted to maintenance of golf course equipment, but the comments were very general (e.g. use OEM filters, maintain a good schedule, stress safety to your people and the superintendent, ....). The last portion of the session was devoted to maintaining, rebuilding and sharpening of reel mowers used on golf greens.

    I did not attend any of the sessions devoted to qualify for applicator's license continuing credits.

    Since there were hardly any attendees in the exhibit hall this afternoon, I kept roaming, finding people to talk with. I did learn a few answers to questions, and got blank stares when asking some questions (about topics discussed here on LS -- "was just to training two weeks ago and we were told nothing about that."). If it is not your style to stop and engage people in conversation, the trip through the hall could have been very quick. There were too many people on their laptops or cellphones to have much interest in talking.

    If I was managing such a show, the first rule would for all exhibitors would be to check their cell phone at a desk before entering the room, but that is just my opinion. If somebody is given the responsibility to provide booth staffing at a trade show, then that is their job. If they wish to spend the day talking on their cell phone, then give them a desk in their car in the parking lot and let them doing their day's work outside the exhibit hall. (end of rant)

    I'm glad I went today. The weather forecast for after midnight suggests 6" of snow east of Pittsburgh by morning. Fighting traffic through town was bad enough today. Tomorrow could be a nightmare getting to the Expo Mart.
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    Nobody else attended?

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