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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by WestKyTeacher, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Here's my situation: I have several friends that are in the landscaping business and I am getting different opinions on how to solve my problems and Scott's is to expensive for my 4-5 acre yard out in the country. So, I'm looking for some outside advice. Due to the drought I have weeds such as crab grass, goose grass, etc taking over my yard this year. Between my father and myself, we have the means to spray, seed, till, or aerate as needed. I really don't want to kill out the whole yard and start from scratch. So, my questions are
    1)what are some good grasses to sow after I aerate that stays mostly green all year and doesn't die out like the crab grass or bermuda. (some of my yard gets full sun and some stays shaded).
    2)what type of fertilizers to use and when
    3)is there anything else I need to do such as spraying? if so, what and when.
    I mow at a height of 3-3.5" and any other advice is welcome.
    As stated, I live in Western KY and if there is anyone willing to make a plan for me to follow, I would be more than willing to pay for the service. THanks in advance!
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    4 - 5 acre's ? That's huge, you need to prioritize the yard, start with area's around the house. Sept. 1 is the seeding date you want, not Oct. 1. Good planning will make all the difference in any plant's survival. You need to start planning now for the fall of 2013. I'm not trying to be negative, just realistic.
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    OK, Teach, just my opinion.
    Lets assume you had mainly a crabgrass problem, and some summer annual weeds. Good...because now is a good time to fertilize the lawn. Use something like 26-0-8, with about 12 percent slow-release nitrogen. I am assuming you will have a low temperature of about 40 in the next week, (which injures crabgrass) and have frost in about 3 weeks, (which kills crabgrass--and annual weeds, too). So you will stimulate your good grass--I am also assuming you will have rain during that period. Feed it again in about 30 days and 60 days--to restore grass density.

    If you think you need seed...apply seed right away, just so the temperature is below 85, but it is best to seed six weeks before frost. If you want to kill the weeds spray with Gordons Speedzone and seed after 7 days.
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    Why does it need to be below 85 degrees? Yes we had a couple nights hit 40 last week and will again this weekend. Rain is expected in the next couple of days. What is a good seed to put down and would I be wasting it if I put it down this late? How much fertilzer per acre should I put down? THanks again.

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