Westlake Trailer Tires

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by br549oicu8, May 12, 2009.

  1. br549oicu8

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    Any of you ever used the Westlake Trailer Tires?? My local tire supplier ordered 8 of them in for me today. ST rated 10 ply 225/75/15.
    $72.50 per tire.
    I think it was a pretty good price after researching pricing.
  2. South Florida Lawns

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    Thats good for what they are. I run load range c tires on my small trailer and get them at $59 a piece installed. They are only bias ply though. I only run cheap china tires because I burn through them fast.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Keep in mind Westlake tires are a cheap tire they don't last they are round and black with tread. They may come with other brands tread pattern but they are far from a quality tire.
  4. maintenanceman

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