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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mc1169, Aug 10, 2005.

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    In the spring I installed a linear french drain system per this site:

    While this seemed to help solve some of the water issues, when we get a heavy rain I still get water. The project I am now trying to address is regrading the front and side of my home so that ground slopes away from the foundation. My goal is to create a positive slope away from the house with the hopes it will drain into the linear french drain system.

    So the question is--based upon the pics I will attach this evening, how would you guys suggest I tackle this problem / project. What tools / materials or equipment might I need?

    I could be interested in working with a local LCO if the price was right...tight budget.

    Thanks for your help and I'll post the pics this evening.
  2. mc1169

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    The pics as promised...




  3. i_plant_art

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    let me ask this question first......

    do you have gutters on the home? ( couldnt tell from the pics) if not then consider gutters. Once they are up ( or currently up) connect the down spouts to your french drain, this will help get alot of the water away from the home as well. Looking at the pics its hard to see the "big picture" of what will be needed. A pic of the front of the home standing back a ways would be helpful. Have you considered a frech drain along the foundation of the home? If im understanding your initial post correctly you are wanting to raise the height of the ground around the home, correct? How much? if you raise it too high your going to be looking at having to take out shrubs, plant etc etc...... i.e. lots of work. Depending on how much u want to raise the ground level you could possibly want to rent a skidsteer( bobcat) one with tracks would be better for minimal ground damage,. This would eliminate all the back work of wheelbarrow, of course you will need dirt, shovels etc etc that is a given. If you could explain more info about what exactly , where and more pics would be great. ....... What part of Philly are in in? Years ago i used to live in downingtown/exton during the summers doing internships with Brickman up in philly.
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    Connecting the gutters to a perforated pipe in the french drain would cause even more problems. Not to mention possible clogging with debris from the roof. Gutters should be plumbed to separate solid pipes, preferably schedule 40 PVC with glued joints and a cleanout port so you can rod them out if needed.
  5. mc1169

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    Based upon the linked article above, I am trying to raise the height of the ground immediately around the home...I want a slope away from the foundation into the French drain.

    The house does have gutters which drain at least 15' away from the foundation behind the home.

    I've read that you should keep the ground at least 6" away from the wood on the house to protect against insects. If this is the case, then I can only raise it by maybe 4"... If I have to I will move shrubs, etc (PITA)...

    I am about 10 minutes from Exton...


  6. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    that grade is awful close to the bottom of the siding might lower it and pitch it away from the house before investing money in drains and such

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