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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by SimonCX, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I putting in a new bid on a small garden wall around the house about 190ft total the problem is the ground is really wet almost like walking on a swamp. When I went to take a look at it and walked around the house there was standing water in the grass and there was no rain for at least 4-5 days that wasn't a good sign. Second in some parts my foot sank about 1/2 inch in the mud. The owners say it's always wet there and when it rains it's worse. It's a gated community with houses only about 20-25ft apart so digging up the side of the house to get a drain in is out of the question because the grass is considered common area. Digging deeper really won't solve the problem because I have a feeling it will just fill up. Will the norm 8-10" 3/4 base be ok on a garden wall thats only going to be 2 blocks up even if it's that wet?
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    Digging portion definitly will suck, and be dirty.. Id worry about that more than anything.

    We usually use 2-4" of base under retaining walls for gardens, most areas are heavy clay, you could probably get away with 1" if you wanted to do things really cheap like most locals do :/

    8" would be plenty, pack it in good and it shouldnt move, most of these areas, soggy spots like that are due to poor drainage underneath, again because the clay in central NJ starts somewhere sooner or later, you may dig 8" down and hit the clay, thats all you'd need for your base then.
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    You could lay quality weed fabric down, then your base on top. It will help firm up the ground under the base. I have done this on several patios near lake water. It has always worked.

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